Libra Monument in Merauke Regency, Papua Province

In Papua Province, Jayapura City perhaps becomes the prime checkpoint to visit before exploring other parts of the region. Aside from this capital city, tourists must visit nearby cities or regions, though, including Merauke Regency. This one is known for its history, cultures, and beaches. Plus, some interesting monuments reside there! For example, there is the Libra Monument in Kelapa Lima Village! Another name is Lingkaran Brawijaya or Brawijaya roundabout. It is located in Parakomando Street and becomes a nice alternative place to spend a family recreation. Some people are also interested in the history that relates to the monument, actually.

The Nuance
Even though the monument features “Libra” in its name, it doesn’t relate to the zodiac. Instead, it has a tall appearance and features a red and white color. On the top of the monument, tourists may see a miniature of the earth or globe, as well. Plus, there is the name sign, stated “Tugu Libra 969”. Below the globe, tourists may see Merauke’s motto, as well! It states Izakod Bekai Izakod Kai. Here is the tip. The monument looks more beautiful at night due to the installed sparkling lights. One thing, the location is in the midst of a roundabout, so tourists must be careful when crossing the street.

Exploring Libra Monument
So, what can tourists enjoy in Libra Monument? Usually, visitors would gather information regarding the history of the monument from the locals. It is said the inauguration was in 2013. In terms of function, the monument becomes a symbol when the Marind Tribe started to adapt to the modern era. It was in 1902, actually. Moreover, the monument also becomes another allure that tourists can visit when exploring Merauke Regency. Have no worries. The location is in the midst of roundabout, so it is quite noticeable.

Aside from learning history, tourists come to Libra Monument for other reasons. For instance, it is to appreciate the design. They simply watch the monument and enjoy the beauty. Well, it is recommended to conduct photography during the visit, as well. Everyone should carry either a digital camera or smartphone, therefore. They can take photos of the monument from afar or take selfies in front of it!

What is more? As mentioned before, the best time to visit Libra Monument is in the evening due to the presence of beautiful sparkling lights. Moreover, at the time, the monument shows a majestic fountain attraction that surrounds the base of the construction. Another reason for visiting the monument at night is due to the more peaceful traffic. That means everyone can cross the street more comfortably and safely!

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How to Get There
For those coming from Jakarta City, they need to take an airplane and head to Merauke Regency right away. For the information, a flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport to Merauke would take around 6 hours and 45 minutes. One thing, it can be longer during bad weather, though. Also, tourists need to get the best airplane service for a faster trip.

Once arriving at Mopah Airport at Merauke, they can head to Libra Monument directly by taking RE Martadinata Street. The distance is 5.4 km, so this trip won’t take more than 11 minutes, so don’t worry. Moreover, the traffic is considered low in the downtown, so everyone can reach the location efficiently (even without the help of a tour guide).

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