Kapsul Waktu Monument in Merauke Regency, Papua Province

Spending a vacation in Merauke Regency is a good idea. The only issue is only the distance, as the location is in the easternmost of the nation. Despite the problem, tourists can get great rewards. It is because the region offers many interesting vacation spots, including Kapsul Waktu Monument. In terms of name, “Kapsul Waktu” means a time capsule. The monument is going to open in 2085 and it stores the dreams of children of the nation. The location is in the city square and it has become a favorite spot for hanging out either in the afternoon or at night. Some people are also interested in its architecture and conduct photography there.

The Nuance
For the information, the monument resides on an area of 2.5 hectares. The monument itself has a total area of 1 hectare. The rest of the land is used as a square, actually. The location is right in front of the regent’s office. It is also located near to Mopah Airport, so the accessibility is considered nice. As for the nuance, it feels both comfortable and relaxing there. The design is modern and it looks like the base of Avengers! The monument has a width of 17 meters and a height of 8 meters. As for the length, it is about 45 meters. These numbers represent the date of the nation’s Independence Day!

Exploring Kapsul Waktu Monument
So, what would tourists do in Kapsul Waktu Monument? The most common purpose for visiting the site is to enjoy a soothing nuance, either at dusk or evening. At these times, the ambiance becomes more comfortable for hanging out, after all. Local teenagers often come with their friends during weekends, as well. At the time, the nuance indeed becomes merrier. For tourists or outsiders, the site can be their alternative to rest for a while before continuing their trip!

The next common reason for visiting Kapsul Waktu Monument is photography. Both the nuance and architecture are worth a photo shot! As mentioned earlier, the design is similar to the Avengers’ base. However, for the best captures, it is recommended to conduct photography during good weather. The building looks futuristic and it becomes a nice background for selfies, too! Thus, don’t forget to carry a camera later.

What is more? Visitors need to know the history behind Kapsul Waktu Monument as well. It is said, 7 kids of nation pour their dreams to a time capsule. This capsule was brought around all provinces from Sabang City to Merauke Regency. The dreams are related to the nation in the next 70 years! Thus, all people should have been expecting these in 2085.

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How to Get There
Before heading to Kapsul Waktu Monument, tourists should reach Merauke Regency first. From Jakarta City, in this case, they should take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Mopah Airport. During good weather, the flight may take around 6 hours and 45 minutes or less. After arriving at Mopah, they should take RE Martadinata Street and head to the monument right away. Have no worries. The distance is only 1.5 km. That means the trip would take only about 5 minutes.

Where to Stay

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