Visiting Merauke Regency in Papua Province

Merauke Regency is known as the easternmost region in Indonesia and has an interesting history as well as natural attractions. It is also bordering directly with Papua Nugini. In terms of name, it derives from Maro River. The local tribe (Marind) called the river Maro Ka Ehe, actually. As for tourism, the city is known for its historical places, beaches, and highlands. Tourists are also interested to visit Merauke for its culture and culinary, these days. The only issue is related to the distance, especially for those coming from outside Papua Province. Still, spending a vacation in Merauke would give a new experience to all.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Merauke is dominated by a local tribe called Marind. Despite the fact, newcomers or immigrants are also seen there. In terms of nuance, the region looks homely or earthy. It is because the majority of people live in a traditional way there. Geographically, it consists of various landscapes including coastal area, highlands, and plains. In the north, it is bordering with Mappi and Boven Regency. In the south and west, it is bordering with the Arafuru Sea. As for the east, it is bordering with Papua Nugini.

Exploring Merauke Regency
So, what can tourists do in Merauke? Visiting the region would be both troublesome and confusing for some people. No wonder, hiring a local guide is quite recommended to visit good vacation spots efficiently. As for nature tourism, the most recommended one is Wasur National Park. Once arriving at this area, tourists would see a beautiful combination of savanna and swamp! Not to mention various local animals can be seen there including small kangaroos and deer.

The next reason for visiting Merauke Regency is related to history. Tourists can simply ask villagers or a local guide about it. It is said, the region was found in 1902 by the Dutch. In the past, many foreigners also came here in order to hunt the birds of paradise (Cendrawasih). As time went by, Merauke grew into a city and has become one of Indonesia’s regencies. More tourists keep coming since then, including foreigners!

Those who visit Merauke during holidays should not miss the chance to visit the local markets. The purpose is to buy unique traditional crafts and items. The price is negotiable and the quality is superb. Thus, no one would regret spending some money there. Another thing that tourists can enjoy is related to culinary. The region offers numerous delicious dishes like deer meat skewer, dendeng, semur, sagu sep, and much more! Don’t forget to enjoy them all!

Nearby Attractions

  • Arinda Jaay Amusement Park
  • Lingkaran Brawijaya

How to Get There
From Jakarta City, tourists can simply take an airplane and head to Merauke Regency directly. This flight won’t take more than 7 hours during good weather, in fact. Later, after arriving at Mopah Airport, tourists can simply take RE Martadinata and Missi II Street in order to reach Merauke City. Have no worries. The distance is 2.6 km, so this trip would take only about 6 minutes or less.

Where to Stay

  • Itese Hotel
  • Rajawali Hotel
  • Megaria Hotel
  • Swiss Belhotel

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