Wawaran Beach

Kebonagung district of Pacitan regency is one of town district located in the southern coastline, besides having beautiful mountain scenery, this town also has a great potential of tourism sector and the coastal fisheries sector. Named Wawaran Beach is productive and prestatif beach of fish producer. Wawaran Beach has a distinctive natural panorama southern sea with the waves are quite big, also has a high quality product of fish.

Wawaran Beach is the center of development of catching fish that have been awarded by President. Under the Cooperative Mina Upadi, sea fishing business is growing rapidly and began to implement the modernization of fishing, such as the use of GPS. In addition, the beach is the center of fishermen who won Optimization Fishing (Optikapi) National Level in 2005.

Wawaran Beach is located in the hamlet Wawaran which directly facing the Indonesian Ocean, very charming natural scenery. The beach also has white sand and the expanse of mangroves and palm trees along the beach, complements the natural beauty in Kebonagung district. Waves that hit the reef at any time on one side of the steep cliff, complements the beauty of Wawaran Beach. The deep sea and blue, not far from the edge of beach looked beneath the surface of boulder coral, waxing and waning pushed around by the waves typical of South Coast.

Besides the beauty of beaches, Wawaran Beach even pride the name of Pacitan and East Java with the accomplishments achieved by Mina Upadi Fishermen Group when a champion race Optikapi the national level in 2005 were presented by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the State Palace. For his achievement, the group of fishermen standing in 1987 and consists of 65 traditional fishing boats of the prize are 25 Gross Tons (GT).

To get to the beach, from Pacitan direction toward Kebonagung, to the east, after the bridge there is three junction to the left (there is an inscription Kebon Agung, Wawaran Beach) followed that path, until he came to Wawaran Beach.

Unspoiled Wawaran Beaches become central to the livelihoods for the surrounding community has been a breath of life for them. Besides the beautiful natural charm, exquisite beach is also very productive of fish that are useful for the life of the surrounding community.

Wawaran Beach has several facilities that would later be useful for the tourists who come to the beach including the facilities are;

  • Fishing Boat: those of us who do not know about the boat and how to run them it is suitable for us who want to deepen education about the boat or can also be used a means of learning media for us.
  • Auction Fish.
  • A shady when we want to lean-dock while enjoying the beautiful Wawaran Beach.

From Yogyakarta to Pacitan distance of about 135 kilometers. These distances can be reached with a travel time of approximately 3 hours. The route followed is; from Yogyakarta-Wonosari-Wonogiri-Pacitan. From downtown Pacitan can go directly to the east about 35 kilometers to the seaside location Wawaran. Travel time from downtown Pacitan about an hour away.

Entry Ticket
Entrance to Wawaran Beach are free.

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