Banyu Tibo Beach

Banyu Tibo is one of those beautiful beaches in Pacitan, East Java. The regency that popular by its name of City of Thousand Cave has numbers of beautiful beaches, especially in the suburb area.

Among other beaches in Pacitan, and in Indonesia, Banyu Tibo has different nuance and sceneries. At this beach, the interesting thing to see is the falling water that directly empty to the beach. Pantai Banyu Tibo is settled in the south suburb area of Pacitan regency, precisely in Widoro Village, Donorejo sub-district.

The beach is actually similar to other beaches in Pacitan; the beach that has white sand and clean sea water. The presence of the waterfalls that make this beach looks different. The water that falls from the cliff is a fresh water that comes from underground water resources from karst mountains that located around the coast.

Banyu Tibo beach is not too extensive. Even if the sea water was in high tide we can just enjoy the view of the beach from the cliff. However, at low tide, we can playing at the beach area which is equipped with a waterfall that falls directly to the beach, is an exciting experience. Moreover, the volume of the waterfall here is quite high.

The name of Banyu Tibo is taken from Javanese language, means The Fallen Water. The name is referring the condition of the beach and surrounding.

Just like other beaches in Pacitan, in addition of the white sandy beach, Banyu Tibo beach is surrounded by karst hills and coral cliff that give extra ‘wow’ around the place.

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