General Sudirman Monument

General Sudirman Monument is one of historical sites in Pacitan, East Java. This monument was built to commemorate the struggling fought of General Sudirman during the revolutionary time against Dutch colonization. This monument is located is Sobo, Pakisbaru, Nawangan Pacitan, which is about 34Km from downtown Pacitan and lies in an area for about 97,831 meter square.

We will see the sclupture of Gen Sudirman as high as 8 Meter up straight. In addition to the monument, there is also a house building that was a basecampe the general while doing guerilla against the Dutch. The house was occupied for almost 107 days, since April, 1 1949 – July, 7 1949. This monument complex is facilitated by library, audio visual room, reseptionist, art market, cafetaria, sport field and diorama room that showing the moment of Indonesia independent day.

At this monument complex, we can see the relief that made by bronse showing up the struggle of Sudirman. The relief is also showing up the early life of Sudirman until his death.

Before entering the monument, we will pass the 8 halls that refers to 8 provinces in 1948-1949. At each hall wes can see the motivation words that nailed in the hall. One of the motivation words are ” Walau dengan satu paru paru dan ditandu pantang menyerah”, which means We’ll never retreat even with one lung and being stretchered.

To reach the monument, we have to pass the stairs path, with line stairs of 45, 8 and 17. The numbers are indicate the year, month and date of Indonesia independent day.

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