Paragliding Adventure on Timbis Hill

Bali Island is filled with incredible natural panorama. From beautiful beaches and incredible viewpoints. Not only is it popular with beaches, Bali is also home to stunning hills that you can explore and enjoy in a different way. You can try a paragliding activity, one of which is at Bukit Timbis (Read: Timbis Hill).

Timbis Hill is the best place to fly with a long radius for soaring and exploring. Timbis Hill is a favorite location for tourists who want to feel the thrill of paragliding challenging sports. Not only exercise, this hill is also an ideal place for a vacation. This hill also presents the white sand of Timbis Beach and the green hills. In 2008 it was used at the Asian Beach Games. In the event which was attended by 42 participating countries in Asia, there was 18 sports, one of which was paragliding and Timbis beach was used as the landing site for the paragliding sport. Since the event Timbis Hill is more popular among locals and tourists. This hill is very suitable as a spot for paragliding adventure in Bali for those of you who expect to fly as free as a bird.

Challenging nature by flying in the air will certainly test your guts, for those who have a phobia of heights and also have a history of heart disease, it is not recommended for paragliding activities, but you can relax watching these activities from the top of Timbis Hill. This paragliding activity really depends on the consistency of the wind gusts, so there is a possibility that during extreme weather this activity cannot be carried out, however Timbis Hill is the place with the best wind gust consistency, so this choice of place is the best choice of paragliding in Bali.

Timbis Hill has an altitude of about 110 m above sea level. If the wind direction is straight from the south, the pilots can fly towards Uluwatu or towards Nusa Dua. Flying over Timbis Beach is also a very exciting experience because the blue sea can be seen perfectly. You will see a variety of rice fields that are very clear. Also see the limestone cliffs, resorts, hidden temples and the magnificent Indian Ocean from above. Don't forget to take hundreds of photos on the fly and make Bali skyline your background, so the view will provide a different experience for you. Because it will pass above the temple, it is expected not to fly directly above the temple, because it will disturb the comfort of the Hindus who are worshiping at the temple. If you are afraid to fly alone, don't worry, you will get to ride a paragliding with a paragliding pilot.

The location of Timbis hill is very easy to reach, located between Pandawa Beach and Gunung Payung beach, included in the South Bali area, there are also GWK attractions, Melasti beach, Green Bowl and the direction of travel to Uluwatu. You will be invited to climb Timbis hill. Arriving at the top of the hill you can get ready to take off enjoying the view from a height then land back on the same hill.

How To Get There
Bukit Timbis is located in Kutuh village, South Kuta district, Badung regency of Bali. The location is quite close to Kuta Beach only 15 km. If taken from Nusa Dua, it is about 7 km. The distance from Ngurah Rai airport is about 20 km, the distance from the Pandawa beach tourist attraction is about 15 minutes driving or about 4 km. The location, which is not too far from the city center, makes many tourists like to try paragliding activities on Timbis Hill.

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