Stunning Candi Dasa Beach Tourism

Bali is the most popular vacation destinations among travelers. The main destination for enjoying the beauty of Indonesia, both domestic and foreign travelers. As we know that Bali offers fantastic natural scenery, such as stunning beach with their own uniqueness. There is a beautiful beach in the Karangasem area, named Candi Dasa Beach. This beach is very familiar to the locals which has been open for quite some time. There are various beauties offered by Candi Dasa beach.

Candi Dasa is a relaxing beach area close to cultural treasures like Pura Besakih ("Bali’s Mother Temple") While the beach is not one of Balis best, the tranquility of Candi Dasa has attracted a number of exclusive hotels like the Amankila and the Chedi. Candidasa is most often compared to Kuta was some 20 years ago. Beside those exclusive hotels and resort, Candi Dasa is also surrounded by resorts that are easily accessible and affordable. So don’t be surprised if the beach is equipped with a variety of holiday support facilities, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and inns with varying prices.

Wait until the afternoon to see the beautiful sunset view on Candi Dasa Beach. The sun looks more rounded than usual, sets between the hills and the waters of Candi Dasa. After the sun sets, the sky will refract reddish colors that make the atmosphere more beautiful. It is very suitable to be a photographic object or just to take selfies with a charming sunset background.

Formerly Candi Dasa was a fishing village that was founded in the 12th century. Before the name Candi Dasa was assigned, this area was known as Teluk Kehen and Cilidasa. Until the 1970s, this area began to become a tourist destination, where there are areas for snorkeling and diving and are easily accessible.

Some parts of the coastal area look white sandy but nowadays more coral with small rocks on the edge of the beach, to avoid prolonged abrasion, dikes that break the beach are also installed, on the edge of the beach it is lined with mountain stones that look harmonious and blend with the naturalness of the beach.

Activities To Do at Candi Dasa Beach

Odyssey Submarine
The first activity, visitors can ride the Odyssey Submarine Bali. By using a submarine, visitors will be invited to dive to a depth of about 45 meters. From inside the submarine, you can see the beauty of the underwater world.

The visitors can do surfing sports at Candi Dasa Beach. The waves are not too big, so beginners can learn. For safety, it is guaranteed and always supervised by the coast guard.

Most visitors like this one. Diving while observe the underwater beauty that cannot be expressed in words makes many people curious about what it will be like. Divers will always be safe because they have been guarded and supervised by guards or experts.

You can do cycling on the outskirts of the coastal highway. While exercising you will be treated to a beautiful view of Candi Dasa Beach. Most of the visitors do it at dawn until the sun rises.

Sunbathing and Swimming
Another activity that is usually done by tourists is basking in the sun. The tourists often sunbathe while gazing at the view of the sky and the endless expanse of blue sea. At the same time enjoy the fresh young coconut ice and other fresh drinks.

Hunting Sunset and Sunrise
The tourists can enjoy the amazing view of sunset and sunrise views. Visitors can enjoy it on the beach and lakeside with friends, family, and loved ones.

How To Get There
Candi Dasa Beach is located in Candi Dasa village, Manggis district, Karangasem regency. This place can be reached with a distance of about 65 km from Denpasar or about one to two hours away. It is easy to reach this location. If you come from Denpasar, you can pass the By-Pass Professor Ida Bagus Mantra. From there, you will only need to go straight ahead and follow the road until you enter the Karangasem Regency area. After passing the T-junction towards Tenganan Village, about 15 minutes later, you will arrive at the Dasa Temple area. It is located very close to Padang Bai Harbor. So you can see Padang Bai clearly from Candi Dasa.

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