Besakih Temple, Mother Temple of Bali

Over a thousand years old, Besakih Temple is known as the "Mother Temple of Bali" Perched on the slopes of Mount Agung, at a lofty 1,000 meters (3,000 feet). Besakih is the biggest and holiest of all the Balinese temples. Bali's mother temple stands against a stupendous mountain backdrop on the southeastern slopes of Mount Agung. Named after the Dragon God believed to inhabit the mountain, it's said to be the only temple where a Hindu of any caste can worship.

Eighteen separate sanctuaries belonging to different regencies and caste groups surround the three main temples dedicated to Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. To the Balinese, visiting the temple sanctuaries is a special pilgrimage. The mountain top setting gives it an almost mystical quality. The largest on the island, this massive complex of 35 small temples attracts staggering numbers each year, being the main point of pilgrimage for Balinese Hindus. Steps ascend through split gates to the main courtyard where the Trinity shrines, dedicated to Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, are wrapped in cloth and decorated with flower offerings. There are number of temples but many of their inner courtyards are closed to visitors. Tracing its origins to prehistoric times, the complex was untouched by the great 1963 eruption of Mount Agung, which wiped out surrounding villages. The complex also houses the oldest remaining gamelan instrument in Bali called selonding. The temple ceremony (odalan) falls on the 10th month of the Balinese calendar, in April. If traveling, try to reach Pura Besakih before 9am, when many tourist buses start to arrive, so that we can take in the lovely temple in the quiet Balinese morning.

Besakih Temple Attraction
Besakih temple is close to Mount Agung. Try to come to Bali once in a while and climb to Mount Agung. Included as the largest mountain in Bali and its location is also close to the temple. You can see how Hindus do their prayers there. Also close to several tourist attractions in Bali, such as Taman Edelweis and Taman Jinja Bali. The location is close to the temple. The last attraction is close to souvenir shops and Balinese restaurants. Suitable for those of you who are tired of walking around temples to stop by to enjoy Balinese food. There are also those who sell souvenirs for family gifts at home.

Besakih Temple Location
The temple, which is located in Besakih village, Karangasem regency, is located in a highland, precisely on the slopes of Mount Agung which is known as the highest mountain in Bali. The air in this place will feel cool, especially because it is located at an altitude of up to 1000 meters above sea level (masl).

How To Get There
If you are from Kuta, can be done with a travel time of approximately 2 hours. Just drive east across the Sanur area. In the middle of the trip, you will be able to see the signpost to Besakih. Meanwhile, from Klungkung, there is public transportation that can be used and serves the Besakih to Klungkung transportation route. The distance is not too far, only 20 km. This public transportation will be found passing by in the morning.

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