Sine Beach in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

In Kalidawir Sub-District of Tulungagung Regency, tourists may find some amazing beaches including the one called Sine Beach. The exact location is in Kalibatur Village and it offers a perfect coastal nuance to visitors. The beach even has a green hill, which resides peacefully in the background. Due to both beauty and serenity, the popularity keeps growing. No wonder, the number of visitors remains high even during working days. People come to the beach to enjoy the refreshing nuance, as well, somehow. Thus, it would be a waste if tourists don’t drop by when visiting Tulungagung. Moreover, the beach has both interesting mystery and history for tourists to learn during the visit.

The Nuance
Like other southern beaches, Sine has strong and fierce waves. Those who want to swim should reconsider, therefore. As for the shoreline, it has a white soft-textured sandy landscape with some rocky surfaces in the back. The good thing is Sine Beach comes with nice facilities like a parking area and toilets. Some local fishermen’s boats are also seen there. Tourists can even find a fish auction center in that area. The next noticeable feature is a small waterfall, located near to the shoreline. What is more? The beach comes with lush pine trees and mangroves! This explains why the nuance feels quite calming.

Exploring Sine Beach
The first recommended thing to do in Sine Beach is relaxation. The serene ambiance helps tourists to relieve stresses, for sure. Moreover, the locals take a good care of the site and provide some facilities! Even visitors can find some simple eateries. While exploring the beach, everyone should drop by at the fish auction center. It doesn’t cost much to buy those fresh fishes directly from local fishermen. The landscape also varies, including mangroves, coral rocks, and a nearby pine forest called Cemoro Sewu. Tourists should explore them all!

The next allure in Sine Beach is related to the mystery. The locals believe that all southern beaches are quite sacred and mystical. This explains why they often conduct a ritual at a special moment, which is called Larung Sesaji. They give away some foods other offerings to the sea, as a gratitude to God. Tourists can enjoy the ceremony, watch it, and take photos, as well. They only need to come at the right time!

Aside from the mystery, Sine Beach is also known for its history. According to the locals, the beach was known first as local fishermen’s favorite spot for fishing. As time goes by, though, the beach is known for its beautiful landscapes. No wonder, more tourists come to the site over time. Despite the fact, the beach remains known for its fishing activity until now, which also becomes one of the best allures there.

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How to Get There
Tourists’ first destination is indeed Tulungagung Regency regardless of where they come from. For those coming from Surabaya City (the capital of East Java Province), in this case, they need to spend about 2 hours and 58 minutes in order to reach Tulungagung Regency. It is because the distance is 158 km. Once arriving at Tulungagung City, tourists must take Raya Tanggunggunung Street and head to Sine Beach at Kalidawir Sub-District. The distance is 27.7 km, so this trip may take around 47 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Lugano Hotel
  • Prigi Hotel

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