Penampihan Temple, Tulungagung

Beside having natural attractions, Tulungagung is also has historical sights. One of them is can be found at Penampihan temple. This temple is one of the relics of the ancient Hindu temple of Mataram Kingdom, which is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis, precisely in the Geger village, Sendang Sub-district, Tulungagung.

History has it, that this temple was built in the year of Saka 820 or 898 AD, and it devoted to the worship of Shiva, with three stages or terraces. In Java language, Penampihan mean rejection and acceptance conditional.

Apart from the time of ancient Mataram kingdom, this temple seemed to be a silent witness upheavals in the archipelago and becames place of worship from the time of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom, Kediri, Singosari until Majapahit around 9-14 AD.

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