Molang Beach in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

Well, what makes Tulungagung Regency a good vacation destination? This question is common among those who never visit it. The answer is indeed the presence of beautiful beaches in the southern part of the region. Here is an example. The name is Molang Beach, which belongs to Pucanglaban Sub-District. The site is suitable for an exploration and beach walking. Some people are also interested in the sea scenery and warm atmosphere. That means Molang Beach is also perfect for relaxation and finding peace during weekends. The only prohibition is swimming!

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Molang Beach offers a peaceful ambiance. No facilities or accommodations are seen on the site, though. That means tourists would only see unspoiled natures including the green hills, coral reefs, sandy shoreline, and fierce sea. Like other southern beaches, this one features strong and dangerous waves. That means visitors are not allowed to swim despite their excellent skills. Instead, they should appreciate the panorama while enjoying the perfect nuance! Even the beach feels quite comfortable at noon with its warm air! As for the crowd, it is considered low regardless of the time of the visit.

Exploring Molang Beach
The first allure in Molang Beach is the soft-textured white sandy shoreline, for sure. It looks clean and neat, which makes it distinct as compared to other beaches in Java Island. Due to the exotic appearance and nice texture, the shoreline becomes the best spot for beach walking and relaxation. One thing, it is better to walk on it barefoot due to the wet and muddy surface. Wearing footwear would be troublesome, somehow.

The next allure is none other than the clear greenish seawater. It is different than others and it has no trash at all. No wonder, the sea looks alluring for swimming and playing water. Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to get in the water due to the fierce waves. As an alternative, they can approach nearby coral cliffs where many green plants grow. In fact, tourists are able to climb the cliffs and get better views up there.

What is more? Some people take advantage of Molang Beach for camping as well. They build the tent on the best spot and spend the night on the shoreline either with family members or friends. Here is the consideration. They must prepare both the tent and equipment. Here is a further great thing about the beach. The location is good enough to witness either sunrise or sunset. Tourists only need to come at the right time in order to see those amazing natural sun views.

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How to Get There
From Surabaya City, tourists can directly head to Tulungagung Regency. Their trip would take about 2 hours and 58 minutes, as the distance is 158 km. This trip would be faster if tourists take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway, though. Once arriving at Tulungagung, tourists must take Demuk Street and head to Molang Beach directly. The distance is 36.5 km, so this trip may take about 1 hour and 9 minutes. Their destination is Pucanglaban Sub-District, where the beach is located, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Gita Puri Hotel
  • Srikandi Hotel
  • Mulya Jaya Hotel

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