Ngambal Lake in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

In a popular tourist area called Ranukumbolo of Tulungagung Regency, tourists can find a beautiful lake. The name is Ngambal Lake or the locals call it Telaga Ngambal. The popularity increases these days due to the exposition in social media sites. This is why the number of visitors is considered high there. Aside from the beauty, the lake features an excellent management. Some art performances are also done there, in order to lure more tourists. As for tourist activities, people usually enjoy photography, hanging out, fishing, and family recreation. Not to mention they want to watch the art performances at special times.

The Nuance
The nuance looks soothing due to the presence of many trees on the sides of the lake. The water even looks peaceful, as well. The most noticeable feature is none other than the wooden pier, where tourists often conduct sightseeing and fishing. As for the size, the lake has a size of about 1 hectare. During weekends and holidays, in fact, the lake becomes merrier due to the presence of both locals and tourists. Most of them want to conduct fishing in the lake. As for others, they simply sit by the lake and watch the panorama.

Exploring Ngambal Lake
Even though Ngambal Lake has been there for a long time, it gains the best popularity starting in 2017. The reason was the inauguration of art performances and better management. No wonder, the lake becomes more interesting and is able to lure more tourists. One thing, tourists should pay parking fee before entering the area. Have no worries. There is no ticket fee in order to get around the lake.

The lake’s beauty and serene nuance are enough to satisfy visitors, actually. However, the lake offers more than those. For instance, it is the presence of benches where tourists can use for relaxation and sightseeing. For further fun, tourists can rent a water bike and get around the lake comfortably. The rent fee is cheap, so don’t worry. For the information, the water bike is only able to accommodate 2 passengers. In terms of safety, it is indeed excellent. Here is the consideration. It is recommended to ride this water ride in the afternoon (when the atmosphere is soothing). That time also offers the beautiful sunset, after all.

What is more? Tourists can find some small vendors in Ngambal Lake where they can buy some snacks and drinks. Enjoying foods and drinks while watching the lake scenery would be quite comforting, no? That means tourists don’t need to carry foods to the site. Perhaps they only need to bring a mat for a family recreation or eating together later.

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How to Get There
Ngambal Lake is located between Joho and Winong Village. It belongs to Kalidawir Sub-District, actually. Before heading there, tourists must reach Tulungagung Regency first. For those coming from Surabaya City, in this case, they must take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway and head to the downtown right away. The distance is 158 km, so this trip would take around 2 hours and 58 minutes. From Tulungagung City, tourists can continue the trip by taking Raya Tulungagung – Blitar Street. This trip takes around 31 minutes, as the distance is 14.7 km. The destination is indeed Ngambal Lake.

Where to Stay

  • Crown Victoria Hotel
  • Srikandi Hotel
  • Mulya Jaya Hotel

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