Tourism Attractions

  1. Lelangen Beksa/Tayub
    Lelangen Beksa / Tayub Tulungagung is having potency as supporting interaction facilities that publicity and actual. There is Adiluhung "politeness" value in Java society. Almost every day in good month, there is Tulungagung "hajatan" (religious memorial banquet) and we can enjoy Lelangen Beksa / Tayub.
  2. Dance of Ritual Tiban
    Ritual Tiban is dance sacred to deliver rain. In its society, the blood drop, which as result of Tiban game is persistent struggle symbol in looking for water, mainly rain that is absolute needed by all farmers. Ritual Tiban usually executed at dry season.
  3. Jaranan Sentherewe
    This Jaranan is the expansion of Jaranan Java art with aggressive motion, full energy and dynamic, which rapidly grow at present in Tulungagung area.
  4. Reog Tulungagung
    Reog Tulungagung has ever grown and grabs public attention. Even, all people in Tulungagung are known about Reog dance as Tulungagung traditional art. The numbers of dancers are 6 in parallel with instrumentalist called "dhodhog", "udheng gilig" special costume as head binder.
  5. Ketoprak
    Traditional drama that rapid lying grows in Tulungagung is “Ketoprak”. Ketoprak, which still excise until today is Ketoprak Siswo Budoyo.
  6. Leather Puppet
    Like other area in Java Island, Leather Puppet is still become the attractive performance for Tulungagung society. Some popular puppeteers are born in Tulungagung.
  7. Jemblung Puppet
    In Tulungagung area, there are still many Jemblung puppet performances (Crita Menak). Beside as entertainment amusement, Jemblung load Walisanga story in spreading Islam religion in Java Island. Jemblung as its instrument is consisted of 8 Rebana and one Kendang. Puppets made from leather with mixture motif of Purwa Puppet and Krucil Puppet.
  8. Kentrung
    The only typically ‘Speak Story’ in Tulungagung that we can enjoy is Kentrung performance. Kentrung Tulungagung played by two people consisted of puppeteer who doubled as Kendang player and one ‘Pengrawit’ doubled as puppeteer supporter to play Ketipung and Terbang (small and big rebana) instrument. The only Kentrung which still excise in Tulungagung is Kentrung Jaimah that located in Patik sub-village, Batangsaren village, Kauman district.
  9. Campursari
    Campursari also growing fast in Tulungagung regency and add new color in music contemporary.

Latest News

Baronggung Traditional Batik

Baronggung Batik Discussing Batik is never get enough. We can not just stand on Yogyakarta or Solo style, for almost area in Indonesia having their own pattern on Batik motives. In Tulungagung, East Java, is also has particular Batik cloth, which is known as Baronggung Batik. Tulungagung Batik is almost the same with typical of Solo and Yogyakarta Batik, which is taking Mataraman motifs, such as Sido Mukti, Rujak Sente, Kawung. What makes different in Tulungagung is coming from the color. Tulungagung Batik has develop the prominent coloring that is…

Sanggrahan Temple

Sanggrahan Temple Sanggrahan temple or Kuncup temple ws a Buddhist worship temple, the location is in the Sanggrahan Village, Boyolangu District, Tulungagung, East Java. The temple is square and consists of buildings, body and roof. This temple was the relics of the Majapahit Kingdom, it was built around 1350, was once become a temple to keep the ashes of Majapahit King’s relatives. The temple complex is located on the settlements that is quite fertile, and consists of three buildings, each of which is no longer intact. In general, the temple…

Popoh Beach

Popoh Beach Popoh beach is the interesting tourism object in Tulungagung regency. In this tourism object, you can enjoy the beautiful of nature scenery, astonished with a thousand temples; enjoy the swimming pool, and fauna. This tourism object has managed by the region government of Tulungagung, together with Retjo Pentoeng Cigarettes Company. In this Popoh Beach is also equipped with lodges facility, fish market, marine tourism, and a few places for fishing. The communities around always held a traditional ceremony called Ƭ Labuh SemboyoĆ® by wash away sacrifice of two…

The Sight On Top Of Wonorejo Dam

Wonorejo Dam Wonorejo Dam is located in Wonorejo village, Pagerwojo district, Tulungagung regency, East Java province, Indonesia. It is about 12 km of the center of the city. With about 122 million meters cubic capacity, Wonorejo dam become one of biggest dam in Indonesia, even South-East Asian. Wonorejo dam is declared in 2001 by President of Indonesia , Megawati Soekarnoputri, after built almost 9 years since 1992. Wonorejo dam has function as the power of electricity and source of drink water in East Java province. This dam is also functioned…

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