Pandan Wangi Waterfall in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

Pandan Wangi Waterfall has become one of the most significant tourist allures in Tulungagung Regency. One of the reasons is the serenity or splendid nuance. Outsiders and locals take advantage of the waterfall to relieve their stresses caused by daily routines, actually. The exact location is in Nglurup Village and it belongs to Sendang Sub-District. Also, the location is near to the border of Kediri Regency. Despite the secluded location, the site is easy to reach! Thanks to the popularity. Not to mention villagers are always ready to help visitors regarding the directions and further information about the waterfall.

The Nuance
Pandan Wangi Waterfall is located on a highland. No wonder, the nuance feels so refreshing. In order to enjoy both the beauty and nuance of the waterfall, though, tourists should pass through a challenging landscape. Once they arrive at the site, the serene waterfall welcomes them directly. It is surrounded by lush plants and trees! As for the height, it is around 30 meters but features a sloping water discharge. Here is the best thing. Pandan Wangi never loses water despite the season. That means tourists would always find swift water during the visit.

Exploring Pandan Wangi Waterfall
Along the way to Pandan Wangi Waterfall, tourists may meet villagers who sell some snacks and products by the road. The presence of these people helps them to find out the exact location of the waterfall, actually. This troublesome trip is nothing to compare to the beauty of the site. Even the atmosphere feels so peaceful and refreshing! In the morning, especially, the ambiance is perfect for getting rid of tiredness and stresses! Tourists can simply sit by the waterfall and appreciate its beauty!

The crowd is low in the morning. However, when it becomes noon, Pandan Wangi Waterfall gets more visitors (especially during weekends). Even some local students often choose it as their field study. Visitors usually enjoy common activities like sightseeing, photography, and exploration. For more fun experiences, in this case, they should carry extra clothes. Why is that? The purpose is to play water and get in the natural pond. Everyone is allowed to swim in it, as long as they don’t spoil the environment.

These days, Pandan Wangi Waterfall also becomes a place for camping. One thing, tourists must come to a group for the sake of a merrier nuance. The next consideration is related to the equipment. It is recommended to carry a tent and other required equipment, as no rental services are available in that area. Another consideration is about the location. Finding the right spot to build the tent is a must!

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How to Get There
A trip to Tulungagung Regency is indeed easy depending on where tourists come from. Those who live in Surabaya City, for example, they need to spend about 2 hours and 58 minutes to reach Tulungagung as the distance is 158 km. The best route to take is Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. After arriving at the downtown, the next destination is Nglurup Village at Sendang Sub-District. This trip takes around 1 hour and 5 minutes, as the distance is 33.7 km. It can be faster if tourists take Raya Karangrejo – Sendang Street. Later, it also involves a short trekking to reach the waterfall! That means everyone should come with a good stamina.

Where to Stay

  • Selopanggung Hotel
  • Swaloh Hill Resort

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