Kedung Tretes Waterfall in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

Tourists would have a good vacation experience when they visit Tulungagung Regency in East Java Province. One of the region’s best allures is indeed the waterfalls. For example, there is Kedung Tretes Waterfall in Pucanglaban Sub-District. The exact location is in Kaligede Village and it resides in an isolated area. No wonder, not many outsiders or tourists are aware of it. Only locals often visit the waterfall, especially nearby villagers. Have no worries. Tourists can simply ask the locals regarding the location later. Here is the good news. The waterfall is located near to Dlodo Beach.

The Nuance
Well, the nuance is definitely peaceful due to the secluded location. Visitors indeed are able to enjoy the nuance for relaxation and getting rid of stresses. The waterfall looks wide instead of tall. No wonder, it comes with multiple water discharge but moderate flow. The best feature perhaps is the presence of a wide natural pond below it. In the back, tourists may see a green hill with lots of types of trees growing on it (especially banana trees). Despite the isolation, some people are always seen on the site. Some of them even carry floats and ride those on the natural pond while relaxing!

Exploring Kedung Tretes Waterfall
It is said Kedung Tretes is quite different than other waterfalls. The first reason is due to the secluded location. That means tourists need to put some efforts in order to reach the location. With the help of a local guide or villagers, however, this trip would be easy and comfortable. Along the way to the site, they can enjoy an unspoiled panorama and lots of plants or trees. Here is the information. Local people also call it Kedung Dawuhan.

Once arriving at the site, tourists can see the beautiful waterfall right away. The sound of gurgling water and pristine environment would soothe them, without a doubt. Aside from that, the site provides other attractive beauties indeed. For instance, it is none other than the natural pond. The size is wide enough to accommodate lots of people who want to enjoy swimming, bathing, playing water, or relaxing on their float. The water is fresh and clean, so everyone would be able to enjoy it.

Another thing that tourists often do in Kedung Tretes Waterfall is a natural exploration. The best spot to reach, in this case, is the nearby hill. Once tourists arrive on the top of it, they may see greater panoramas up there! The waterfall even looks more beautiful! Thus, don’t forget to take some photos while on that spot.

Nearby Attractions

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  • How to Get There
    First, tourists should reach Tulungagung Regency. For those coming from Surabaya City, in this case, they would spend around 2 hours and 58 minutes to get there. The distance is 158 km and the best route is Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. Once they arrive at Tulungagung Regency, the next destination would be Kaligede Village in Pucanglaban Sub-District where the beach is located. This trip may take around 37 minutes, as the distance is 23.3 km. As for the best route, tourists can simply take Raya Karangtahun Street.

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    • Srikandi Hotel
    • Mulya Jaya Hotel

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