Dokar Dreamland Hobbit House in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

Spending a nice vacation in Tulungagung Regency doesn’t have to be tiring and far. It is because tourists can also find many good recreational areas in the downtown. For instance, there is Dokar Dreamland Hobbit House! This attractive tourist site is located in Karanganom Village at Kauman Sub-District. As the name suggests, it applies the Hobbit House theme and features nice landscapes for relaxation. Those houses are indeed similar to those of the Lords of the Rings. As for tourist activities, visitors usually enjoy photography and exploration in that area. These people want to spend a distinct vacation and get a new experience, after all.

The Nuance
As the name suggests, the site was built to promote Kopi Dokar or Dokar Coffee. That means tourists would find a food court that provides such a delicious beverage. As for the nuance, the site is definitely comfy and shady. Thanks to the green plants, lush trees, and beautiful flowers that grow in that area. Drinking coffee in this beautiful landscape is definitely satisfying, isn’t it? The next noticeable feature is none other than the Hobbit houses! The size is mini and the design is unique! These houses often become an object for photography, for sure. Next, tourists may find other facilities including outbound rides, playground, 3D paintings, and a man-made waterfall.

Exploring Dokar Dreamland Hobbit House
The first thing that tourists can enjoy in Dreamland Hobbit House is to learn about the local coffee. Once entering the area, in fact, the coffee fragrance welcomes everyone. Here is the best thing. Tourists are able to learn and witness the production of coffee directly. After that, visitors are allowed to drink some! Nothing can compare this experience, after all. As an alternative, tourists should buy some coffee beans a gift!

The next recommended thing to do in Dokar Dreamland Hobbit House is related to photography. Tourists can simply choose the best spots to take photos. The most recommended one is in front of the hobbit houses. Here is the good news. They are even allowed to enter and explore the houses! The next great spot to take photos is in the bridge that features a small man-made waterfall. It even comes with a rocky landscape, which also becomes a nice background for photography.

For the information, it costs some money to enter Dokar Dreamland Hobbit House. Have no worries. This fee is nothing to compare to experience and satisfaction. Visitors can get the education, fun, and beautiful photos! Also, the site becomes a suitable place to spend a family recreation. Thus, don’t forget to come with kids or other family members later.

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How to Get There
Tourists’ prime destination is none other than Tulungagung Regency. From Surabaya City, in this case, the trip would take around 2 hours and 58 minutes as the distance is 158 km. The best route to take is Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. Not to mention it is also considered the fastest. After arriving at the downtown, the next route to take is Nasional III Street. Have no worries. The distance is only 15.1 km, so this trip would take only about 32 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Jambooland Hotel
  • Srabah Semesta Resort

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