Dlodo Beach in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

Those who often visit Tulungagung Regency are likely to know many great beaches like Dlodo Beach in Pucang Labak Sub-District. These people are impressed by the stunning romantic sunset and the site’s serenity. Well, this beautiful beach is located in Panggungkalak Village, actually. Here is the only issue. Dlodo is less popular than Sioro Beach, so the number of visitors is not as many as that vacation spot. Despite the fact, the beauty is the same and it becomes a perfect location to enjoy photography and relaxation in the afternoon (especially when the sunset appears).

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the nuance is peaceful in Dlodo Beach due to the low number of visitors. This indeed is quite beneficial for those who want to enjoy a serene vacation and to get rid of stresses. When it comes to the shoreline, it is considered long (which is about 2 km). Not to mention it comes with a soft-textured beautiful light brown sandy landscape. Beach walking is definitely recommended there. One thing, tourists must stay away from the sea due to the big and dangerous waves. According to the locals, the waves can even reach up to 7 meters in height! During a special natural phenomenon, in fact, it reaches up to 12 meters!

Exploring Dlodo Beach
Now, let’s talk about what activities that tourists can do in Dlodo Beach. Most of the time, visitors want to enjoy beach walking while enjoying the nuance. The best time to do the activity is in the afternoon, actually, when the sunset appears. The sky looks romantic with its orange color and the wind blows swiftly at the time. When walking on the shoreline, the sand even feels warm and comfortable! Thanks to the soft texture.

The next amazing feature in Dlodo Beach is the presence of a tiny river that flows directly to the sea. Visitors, especially kids, love to play water on it. It is because that spot is both safe and fun for playing water. For the parents, they can simply sit nearby while supervising the kids. Have no worries. Both the sea scenery and comfy atmosphere won’t bore them at all. This can be done either in the morning or afternoon, during the best nuances, though.

What is more? Dlodo Beach also has a special feature called Gumuk Pasir. In terms of name, it means sand dunes. This landscape is definitely unique, so tourists should take photos of it during the visit. For those who love extreme sports, in this case, they can take advantage of the big waves for surfing. One thing, only professional surfers are allowed to do so.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Tretes Waterfall
  • Cemoro Sewu Beach

How to Get There
The first and main destination would be Tulungagung Regency. For the information, the distance between Surabaya City and Tulungagung Regency is 158 km. That means tourists need to spend around 2 hours and 58 minutes in order to reach the downtown. This can be done through Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway, actually. Once arriving at Tulungagung, the next destination is Panggungkalak Village where Dlodo Beach is located. This time, the trip may take around 50 minutes, as the distance is 27.1 km. Also, the best route to take is Raya Karangtalun Street.

Where to Stay

  • Srikandi Hotel
  • Mulya Jaya Hotel

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