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  1. Jamasan Kyai Upas Ceremony
    Kyai Upas is name of Tulungagung regency and hereditarily declared as a symbol for highness. This heirloom has annually sacred bathed at Jum'at Legi day (special Friday in Javanese) in Suro (Muharam) month (special month in Javanese). This ceremony is started with pageant from the Regent Pendopo (hall) to Pendopo Kanjengan. When the pageants have arrived in Kanjengan, they are great with Gamelan Monggang. Jamasan ceremony is performed with certain procession and multifariously offerings. After Jamasan is held, it followed with another performance, such as; Javanese song of Mocopat, Leather Puppet, and the other traditional culture.
  2. Suro Wekasan
    Suro Wekasan is "Sacred Activity" ceremony that executed by Wajak public is sacred activity through Dadi temple to pray for their safety, environment safety, until nation and country safety. The special thing of this ceremony is be done by various religion follower of Wajak society (Islam, Christian, Buddha) and they pray base on their religion in Dadi Temple complex. This ceremony is done every the end of month Suro (Muharam).
  3. Temanten Kucing (Cat Wedding)
    This ceremony is executed in Cuban Rondo waterfall that believed able to launch wellspring stream in Cuban Rondo and for irrigation of Pelem society and around it. This procession is done by two cats as the subject (Tirta Gitasari and Joko Wono) married with as a human marriage. Mbah Sangkrah is the first man who executes this ritual and continued by Mbah Sutomeja till now on.
  4. Labuh Sembonyo
    Labuh sembonyo is believed (by public around) as the place of "Asok Glondhong Pengareng-areng" to ‘Ratu Kidul’, the queen of south sea. Labuh Sembonyo is carried out every month Suro (one of Javanese month), second week in Popoh beach.
  5. Ulur-Ulur
    Ulur-ulur is traditional ceremony that carried out in Buret Lake annually at Jum'at Legi (special Friday in Javanese) month of Suro. The main activity is bath goddess Sri Sedono statue and sow flower in Buret Lake, Jigang Joyo cemetery. A myth tell that Jigang Joyo is a pioneer figure in exploiting water from the lake for agriculture facility in Sawo village, Gedangan village, Ngentrong village and Gamping village. At the ceremony, there is "Nglampet" activity that is blocking the lake water, which is executed together for irrigation. This culture is still sticking in Sawo resident and around it until today, they usually held ‘Gugur Gunung’ (mount fall) and ‘Bersih Desa’ (village cleanness) activity.
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