Bukit Impian in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province

Here is another good reference for spending a wonderful vacation at highlands. The name is Bukit Impian or the Dream Hill. Many people also call it Gudik Mountain, actually. It belongs to Gondang Sub-District and the exact location is in Notorejo Village. Even though it is inferior to Arjuna, Budeg, and Semeru Mountain (in terms of height), the beauty is indeed the same. When it comes to tourism, the mountain is suitable for trekking, photography, and adventure. People also come to this area for witnessing either an exotic sunrise in the morning or a romantic sunset in the afternoon.

The Nuance
Both the nuance and beauty are not inferior to other mountains indeed. The ambiance is natural and the mountain features tons of beautiful vegetation. These include wild grasses, weeds, bushes, and even forests! As for the trekking route, it is considered difficult due to the slippery and steep route. Have no worries. The reward is quite satisfying. Once tourists arrive at the top of the mountain, they may see amazing panoramas including green hills and mountains. Some parts of the summit are dry and rocky, though. This variety makes it more exotic, so don’t worry.

Exploring Bukit Impian
For the information, it takes about 45 minutes to reach the summit by trekking. This tiring and challenging trip is indeed not suitable for everyone. Only those with good stamina and excellent preparation can get on the summit in a comfortable manner. In some cases, it is recommended to hire a porter or local guide as well. Another preparation is related to the supplies. It is important to carry bottled water, as the heat of the sun becomes too hot sometimes.

Along the way to the summit, the panoramas are quite satisfying. Tourists would see beautiful green landscapes and feel the refreshing air right away. This combination, at least, would reduce the tiredness. This trekking activity can be done better if tourists come with their friends or family members! It would be great if they have joined a community and spend trekking together some time. This way, some experienced trekkers are able to help beginners regarding the best route and other information.

As for the best allure in Bukit Impian or Gudik Mountain, it would be either the sunrise or sunset. In the morning, the fog often covers the area, though. That means tourists must pick the perfect time if they want to enjoy those sun views. What is more? Before going home, it is recommended to drop by in Notorejo Village which is known as Kampung Susu. Most locals are raising dairy cows there.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Watu Ireng

How to Get There
For those coming from the capital of East Java Province (Surabaya City), they must take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway in order to reach Tulungagung Regency. The distance is 158 km, so this trip would take around 2 hours and 58 minutes. Later, after arriving at Tulungagung, tourists should take Nasional III Street and reach Notorejo Village immediately. This trip takes approximately 38 minutes, as the distance is 18.7 km. From the village, it indeed requires trekking in order to reach the summit.

Where to Stay

  • Crown Victoria Hotel
  • Wijaya Hotel
  • Hayam Wuruk Hotel

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