Puncak Kejora in Blitar City, East Java Province

What makes tourists come to Blitar City, actually? This question is common amongst those who haven’t visited the region yet. When it comes to tourism, Blitar is known for its highlands where people can enjoy sightseeing and photography. As for the example, there is Puncak Kejora. The location is in Ngadirenggo Village and it belongs to Wlingi Sub-District. Foreigners call it Kejora Peak! This vacation area was developed by Perhutani the local government. As for tourist activities, visitors are able to witness Blitar City from the highland. Not to mention the spot is suitable for relaxation and taking selfies.

The Nuance
In terms of name, “Kejora” means a morning star. This explains why tourists may find a big morning star ornament on the spot. The nuance is both refreshing and peaceful. As for the views, visitors may see mountains, trees, local farms, bushes, etc. The site also features several viewing posts, garden, paved routes, and many types of trees. No wonder, almost all people would conduct photography once they arrive at the site. One thing, everyone should pay an entrance fee before exploring the location. It’s cheap, though.

Exploring Puncak Kejora
The first common thing that tourists do in Puncak Kejora is to take selfies in front of the morning star landmark. It becomes the icon of the site, after all. Thus, everyone should not forget carrying a camera when heading there later. The location is on a highland, so it takes some time and stamina to reach it. Have no worries. The views are great and refreshing. Along the way to the destination, therefore, tourists would be able to relieve their mind and soul! It even feels fresher in the morning!

For the information, Puncak Kejora is located quite close to the famous Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation. That means tourists should drop by in the plantation either for photography or talking to the local farmers. It is also possible to get information regarding how to cultivate the plant. As an alternative, tourists can simply relax at the viewing decks either for photography or sightseeing. Even though carrying and eating snacks on the site is allowed, littering is definitely prohibited!

On the horizon, the view of Kelud Mountain soothes everyone. In order to see it clearly, though, tourists must not come too early in the morning due to the thick fog. Plus, it is recommended to come with a porter who can show the exact direction to the site. This person helps to carry everyone’s belongings along the way to Puncak Kejora, as well.

Nearby Attractions

  • Niagara Lawean
  • Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation
  • Puncak Sekawan Camping Ground

How to Get There
From Surabaya City or the capital of East Java Province, tourists can simply take Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway in order to reach Blitar City. The distance is 155 km, so the trip would take approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. After arriving at Blitar, tourists should take Nasional III Street and head to Ngadirenggo Village where Puncak Kejora resides. This trip would take around 1 hour and 2 minutes, as the distance is 38 km. Later, it also involves a short trekking in order to reach the site.

Where to Stay

  • Puncak Pinus Inn

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