About Blitar Regency

Blitar is the second small regency in East Java province. Blitar is noteworthy for being the hometown of Indonesia's first president, Soekarno. It's a sleepy place that's got a tiny business district as well as ancient Hindu temples (called Penataran temple).
Blitar city has a principle that is “Kridho Hangudi Jaya” (work hard to reach the glorious) and its motto “Blitar Kota Patria” (Blitar the defender of the nation that well-regulated, cleanly, beautiful, and safety), also known as heroic city, student city and peaceful city.
Blitar city has try to build its city as ‘Patria’ city which supported by it commerce system. Blitar government chooses the tourism sector as the main product to increase its economic region.

Blitar Regency is one of the second level regencies that located between 112° 14 - 112° 28' East Longitude and 8° 2 -8° 10 South latitude covering 1,588,79 km2. Blitar boundaries are:
North side: Kediri and Malang regency
South side: Indonesian Ocean
East side: Malang regency
West side: Tulungagung and Kediri regency

The highest temperature in Blitar is 30° and the lowest temperature is 18° c. The rainfall rate per year is 31.6 - 4000.846 m2.

The wide land area is 32.578 km2. It is separated by Brantas River that flowing from east to west.
North side: 848.79 km, fertile land with declivity 0 - 2%. Kinds of land are regosol, litosol, and main material volcanic of quartz sand smooth texture and little rough texture.
South side: 690 km, kinds of land are litosol, mediteran and rezone is on the declivity 5 - 40%.
Kinds of land area are:
- Field 30.74%
- Forest 21.56%
- Houses 16.96%
- Plantation 8.48%
- Water 0.05%
- Others 0.66%

The Brantas River flowing from the East to the West divides Blitar regency into 2 separated regions. In North Blitar regions has a very fertile land type with the land declivity 0 - 2%. The Sorts of land consists of regosol and litosol with the main material of quartz sand covering 898.79 km2. The Width of North Blitar region is 690 km and its topographic land condition has the declivity 2 - 2 % with the sorts of land consist of litosol, mediteran and rezone which are the main material lime stone in mediocre texture with the effective depth about 30 - 60%.

The utilities of land in Blitar regency are:
- Technical irrigation rice field: 19,102,753 Ha
- Semi technical irrigation rice field: 5,171,367 Ha
- Non-technical irrigation rice field: 6,327,729 Ha
- Rainy dependence rice field: 1,133,700 Ha

Land structure condition:
- Rice field: 32,962,589 hectares
- Dry rice field: 48,047,258 hectares
- Pond / Embankment: 136,040 hectares
- Housing: 27,761,934 hectares
- Plantation: 13,279,303 hectares
- People's forest: 3,474,759 hectares
- State forest: 23,737,200 hectares
- Uncultivated land: 250,000 hectares
- Miscellaneous: 8,630,081 hectares


Blitar regency is divided into 3 sub districts, and 20 districts, they are; Bakung district, Binangun district, Doko district, Garum district, Kademangan district, Kanigoro district, Kesamben district, Ngeglok district, Panggungrejo district, Ponggok district, Sanankulon district, Selorejo district, Srengat district, Sutojayan district, Talun district, Udanawu district, Wates district, Wlingi district, Wonodadi district, Wonotirto district, Gandusari district, Selopuro district.

The population registration in 2005 shows that the population in East Java is increases from the mid 2005 to the mid 2006.
The total population of Blitar regency is 123.194 with number of men 526,390 and number of women 535,257 while, total of workforce 462,265.
The activities in socializing orderliness, cleanliness, working spirit have been successfully carried out in Blitar, has received awards in the orderliness of roads and traffic called “Piala Wahana Tata Nugraha”, a high appreciation from the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Besides, other activity in maintaining the awards in city’s cleanliness and orderliness called Adipura awards also has been achieved.

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