Blitar Green Park in Blitar City, East Java Province

People who live in Blitar City should have been aware of the famous place for relaxation called Blitar Green Park. Even outsiders or tourists know this location, too. This soothing park resides in Bendogerit Village and belongs to Sananwetan Sub-District. People often call it GP and it is located near to the famous Bung Karno Grave. The site is considered new and strategic, so it is worth a visit! As for tourist activities, visitors usually enjoy a family recreation and relaxation in that park. No wonder, most of the visitors are local families with kids. Some people come to the location for photography, too, somehow.

The Nuance
Despite the strategic location, Blitar Green Park is considered a little bit secluded. It is because tourists need to pass through a small alley. Once arriving at the site, though, they may feel a refreshing nuance right away. The park is dominated by grassy landscapes and it comes with a paved route, as well. Not to mention the park is surrounded by local farms and several trees. Many types of plants also grow in that area. Plus, it features some kids rides especially see-saws.

Exploring Blitar Green Park
As mentioned earlier, the most common reason for visiting Blitar Green Park is relaxation or family recreation. Visitors only need to find the right spot for relaxation and enjoy the atmosphere. For the best nuance, though, visiting the park in the morning would be the best choice. Some people want to feel a merrier ambiance, actually. In this case, they should visit during weekends when many locals come to the site. At the time, many outsiders also gather in the park for resting before continuing their trip.

A grassy garden with many attractive plants becomes the next important allure in Blitar Green Park. They look fertile and fresh despite the absence of sophisticated management. As for the facilities, the park offers simple benches and some gazebos. Thus, everyone can simply sit with their families during the best times. These include in the morning and afternoon. For kids, they should use the see-saw while their parents supervise them.

It is true that most visitors are local families. Still, at a specific time, some local students are also seen on the site. They take advantage of the park as their practice ground, especially for dancing. Tourists would be lucky if they meet these kids during the visit! Regardless of the time of the visit, though, it is recommended to carry a camera.

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How to Get There
Before heading to Blitar Green Park, tourists should reach Blitar City first. The trip duration depends on where tourists come from, actually. For instance, it takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes from Surabaya City to Blitar. The distance is 155 km and the best route is Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. After arriving at the destination, tourists can simply take Ciliwung Street and head to the park right away. The distance is 4.7 km, so this trip would take around 11 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Saptra Mandala Hotel
  • Retro 1 Hotel
  • Maerokoco Hotel

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