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Karangsari Village, Regency of Sukorejo, Blitar is become popular because of the Star Fruit (Belimbing). What makes this star fruit become so famous is coming from the size, which has jumbo size, and it has sweeter taste than commonly star fruit, with tempting light yellow.

While doing devotional visit to Bung Karno graveyard, you can spend your time visiting Karangsari village and buy the star fruit as a gift. While enjoying the atmosphere at Karangsari village you can also see the star fruit’s tree over the road, for the people around the village is plant it at their house.At first, someone at the village trying to plant the star fruit seed, which is a gift from a friend, and amazingly this person can change the people around for they can cultivate the star fruit as a commodity. And so on, this village become popular as the biggest star fruit producer. The type of star fruit that largely produce is Bangkok, which is grafting by local type and Bangkok, there are also the Philippine type that trying to cultivate.Actually, for both type, Bangkok and Philippine the fruit are having the same size and taste. But, for Red Bangkok Type the fruit is more dense and having sweeter taste, instead of needs extra maintenance.

Unfortunately, the obstacle is about the quantity and the karangsariquality of the fruit. For Philippine type, the fruit is tends to be wide apart.The consumer needs for this fruit is stable and tends to increase. The biggest consumer is coming from Surabaya, Semarang and Jakarta. At Surabaya, the distribution is not only coming from traditional market, but also on supermarket and hypermarket. In fact, the the biggest demanding for Karangsari star fruit goes to Supermarket or hypermarket than to traditional market.The selling is usually coming from Surabaya and directly forward to Jakarta to fill the requirement in there. Because of the market demand is increasingly raise, the Karangsari people are cultivate the red Bangkok star fruit (now popular as Karangsari Star Fruit) but at present time other village is also start to cultivate the star fruit. Other villages are Purworejo, Tlumpu, and any other area near Blitar.For you who wants to make a trip to Blitar and wants to buy Karangsari Star Fruit, you can pick the star fruit from the tree, which still fresh and naked. the price is usually negotiate by the owner, it can be per pieces or per Kilos.

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