Kampung Minggirsari in Blitar City, East Java Province

It would be a waste if tourists don’t visit local villages when spending a vacation in Blitar City. As for the reference, they can start from Minggirsari Village in Kanigoro Sub-District. The local government has turned the village into a new recommended vacation spot for tourists these days. Both the facilities and environment are good enough to enjoy a family recreation, nature exploration, and photography. Visitors, somehow, can lean the history of the village during the visit! As for the locals, they can simply hang out and spend a good family recreation regardless of the time of visit. The official tourist name for the village is Desa Sirsat or soursop village, actually.

The Nuance
When it comes to nuance, Minggirsari Village is indeed comfortable. Thanks to the shady trees and green plants that grow abundantly in that area. The next famous feature is indeed the presence of Brantas River that is bordering with the village. No wonder, tourists can take advantage of the beauty of the river bank during the visit later. As for the facilities, the village offers local vendors, selfies spots, traditional bridges, tree houses, and gazebos. These can be found around the river bank, actually. What is more? The village has some neat gardens, as well.

Exploring Minggirsari Village
The first allure that tourists can enjoy in Minggirsari Village is related to history. Visitors can simply talk to a villager in order to obtain the information. It is said there were several small villages back then in that area. All of them decided to join into one in 1923. The first village head was Karto Sentono. These days, Minggirsari turns into a beautiful vacation spot for tourists, as well. No wonder, the number of visitors increases over time regardless of the occasions.

Aside from learning the history, tourists come to Minggirsari Village for its peaceful nuance and beautiful environment. There must be a reason why it is also called the soursop village. Tourists may find lots of soursop trees in that area, after all. The best spot to explore is definitely the neat gardens located near to the river bank. In the same area, tourists can simply sit by the bank and witness the beautiful Brantas River. Photography is quite recommended, as well.

Next, tourists should explore Minggirsari Village thoroughly. Both tree houses and traditional bridges become great objects to visit later. For the best relaxation, it is recommended to use the gazebos and hang out either with friends or families. Before going home, tourists should visit local vendors and buy some items too!

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  • How to Get There
    From Surabaya City, a trip to Blitar City would take around 3 hours and 30 minutes as the distance is 155 km. This trip can even be faster if tourists take Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. After arriving at Blitar City, the next destination is indeed Minggirsari Village. Have no worries. The distance is only 7.4 km. That means the trip would take no more than 20 minutes. Everyone should take the best route, though, which is Nasional III Street.

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