Pehpulo Beach in Blitar City, East Java Province

The southern beaches of Blitar City indeed offer a distinct beauty to tourists. Not to mention the option varies including the one called Pehpulo Beach. As the name suggests, this one is located in Pehpulo Village and belongs to Panggungrejo Sub-District. It is true the major visitors are those who live in that area. Still, tourists and outsiders are often seen in that area. The location is before Serang Beach, but it takes the same route as it. For first-timers, they can simply ask the locals regarding the direction or route.

The Nuance
It is true that tourists need to give some efforts in reaching Pehpulo Beach. From the village, they may perform a short trekking as well. When it comes to the nuance, the beach has a tropical ambiance with warm air and breezy wind. The shoreline is moderate in length, so it is suitable for beach walking and exploration. This white sandy shoreline also features a soft-texture! That means tourists won’t hurt their feet when beach walking especially without footwear. Next, it is the sea, which comes with moderate waves. The shore has the shape of a cape, so it prevents big waves from coming near to the shoreline. Thus, swimming is possible with a caution. Do not forget the presence of small coral reefs that reside on the sea! They become a great object for photography, for sure.

Exploring Pehpulo Beach
There must be a reason why Pehpulo Beach becomes quite famous in Blitar City. Some people even call it the local’s Raja Ampat! It is because tourists may see lots of small coral islands on the sea and these are visible enough! This explains why tourists would climb the nearby hill and watch those islands in the best manner. In that spot, they would enjoy photography as well, for sure!

During the visit, tourists must not forget to get information regarding the history of the beach too. They can ask either local people or guide who are seen on the site. It is said the name derived from the biggest island located near to it, which is Peh Island. Unfortunately, tourists are not able to reach the island due to the absence of boat service. As an alternative, they can simply conduct sightseeing and photography. The best spot is definitely the small peninsula located on the west part of the shoreline. Tourists can climb the hill and take the best photos from up there!

Here is the thing. The nuance or atmosphere is considered quite hot, so tourists must come only during a soothing weather like in the morning or afternoon. The fact is the beach doesn’t feature lush trees where tourists can avoid the heat of the sun. Thus, it is better to avoid coming at noon! Another consideration is related to the waves, which are unpredictable. Even though swimming is possible, beginners should not try it.

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How to Get There
Well, tourists should get to Blitar City first. The trip would take around 3 hours and 30 minutes if tourists come from Surabaya City, as the distance is 155 km. It can be done fast by taking Surabaya – Mojokerto Street, though. After arriving at Blitar, tourists can simply take Protokol Street and head to the beach right away. The distance is 32.7 km, so the trip would take around 59 minutes.

Where to Stay
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