Bonsai Hill in Blitar City, East Java Province

These days, Blitar City becomes a good option when it comes to holidays. That means tourists are interested to visit the region either for natural attractions or culinary. Those who want to enjoy trekking and sightseeing, in this case, should visit Bonsai Hill. The location is near to Bunda Hill, so tourists can visit two great places during the same day. For the information, the exact location is in Sumberjati Village and it belongs to Kademangan Sub-District. The full name is Bukit Bonsai Watuwalang and it is suitable for photography as well. No wonder, local youngsters often gather in that area to collect natural photos and take selfies.

The Nuance
Bonsai Hill offers a natural and photogenic concept. The most noticeable feature is none other than the refreshing atmosphere. The highland ambiance and windy nuance soothe all visitors. Not to mention the panorama looks great. These include lush trees and rural views! What is more? Some great photogenic spots are available, too! These include a crescent moon spot, artificial flowers, wings, boats, and much more! The hill also comes with several viewing posts to enjoy sightseeing!

Exploring Bonsai Hill
The first thing that tourists can enjoy in Bonsai Hill is trekking. After all, visitors should give some efforts to reach the best spot there. Along the way to the location, tourists can enjoy a good ambiance and beautiful views of nature too. Once they arrive at the viewing posts, the panoramas even look better up there. One thing, everyone should wear proper attire due to the strong wind. Also, at noon, the heat of the sun can be quite troublesome. This explains why tourists should only visit the hill either during in the morning or afternoon for a more soothing ambiance.

Aside from trekking and sightseeing, Bonsai Hill is definitely suitable for photography. Tourists can simply take photos of natural landscapes like trees and nearby rural areas on the horizon. However, the site provides some great photography spots as mentioned earlier. Tourists need to queue in order to use those spots, though (especially during holidays and weekends). As an alternative, they should take photos of a stunning sunset in the afternoon.

Outsiders are interested to visit Bonsai Hill in order to enjoy the view of Blitar landscape from the highland. Some of them even say that the site feels like a sky region with its cloudy ambiance. Somehow, the nuance helps everyone to relax and get rid of stresses. Later, after exploring the site, tourists can also visit a nearby area called Bunda Hill, which offers a distinct nuance!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Bonsai Hill is located near to another famous hill called Bunda. Still, tourists must reach Blitar City first. From the capital of East Java Province (Surabaya City), a trip to Blitar would take around 3 hours and 30 minutes. The distance is 155 km, after all. For the information, it can be done through Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. After arriving at the destination, tourists should take Nasional III and Raya Trisula Street. Their destination would be Sumberjati Village at Kademangan Sub-District where the hill is located. This trip would take around 22 minutes, as the distance is 10.2 km.

Where to Stay

  • Gita Puri Hotel
  • Grand Mansion Hotel

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