Gumuk Sapu Angin in Blitar City, East Java Province

These days, more tourists keep coming to Blitar City due to the presence of several attractive highlands for sightseeing and photography. One of the best destinations is called Gumuk Sapu Angin and it is located in Resapombo Village at Doko Sub-District. This beautiful peak is indeed suitable for numerous tourist activities including sightseeing, photography, relaxation, and trekking. The beautiful panorama soothes everyone, so it helps tourists to eradicate stresses almost in an instant. So, what makes it special as compared to other highlands, though? Here is some information related to the site.

The Nuance
The first thing that tourists may realize once arriving at Gumuk Sapu Angin is the extreme accessibility. Somehow, it is only suitable for experienced trekkers. Have no worries. Regular tourists can take advantage of a porter service when heading or exploring the site later. As for the route, they should ask villagers who live in Resapombo. The best view indeed appears at the peak of the hill. Despite the presence of the fog, Kelud Mountain can be seen clearly there. Another best panorama is the majestic Kawi Mountain on the horizon. Not to mention lush tall trees surround the site. What is more? The locals have built bamboo viewing posts to enjoy better photography and sightseeing there!

Exploring Gumuk Sapu Angin
As mentioned before, the challenging route becomes one of the reasons for visiting the site. Along the way to the viewing posts, tourists need to pass through an extreme route, which is both steep and winding. In some parts, the route is rocky as well. Thus, it is recommended to wear comfy footwear while exploring the hill. Another consideration is about the weather. Tourists must avoid coming during a rainy season, as the route becomes slippery and dangerous.

Despite the challenging effort, everyone would feel satisfied once they arrive at the site. Not only the views are amazing, but the site also offers a superb atmosphere. The best time to visit the location is in the morning, though. It is because the air is fresher and tourists won’t suffer from the heat of the sun. Even trekking feels less tiring in the morning. Still, it is recommended to carry enough bottled water to avoid dehydration.

Photography and sightseeing become two main things that tourists can do in Gumuk Sapu Angin. These days, in fact, the local government has built a simple garden where many beautiful flowers grow. In order to enjoy the best view, though, tourists must come only during the blooming season. The combination of two great mountains on the horizon and colorful flowers would astonish everyone!

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How to Get There
The distance between Surabaya City (the capital of East Java Province) and Blitar City is 155 km. Thus, tourists should spend around 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the destination. Have no worries. It can be done comfortably by taking Surabaya – Mojokerto Street. After reaching Blitar City, tourists can simply take Nasional III Street and head to Gumuk Sapu Angin right away. The distance is 39.1 km, so this trip would take around 1 hour and 13 minutes. Make sure to use the best transportation service, though.

Where to Stay

  • Mary Ind Guesthouse
  • Kawi Surapatha Hotel

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