Njumeg Waterfall in Blitar City, East Java Province

More interesting vacation spots are available in Blitar City, especially related to nature. A good example is Njumeg Waterfall, which is located in Ringinrejo Village at Wates Sub-District. It is considered new, so the environment is perfect and clean. Not to mention the number of visitors is low, so it offers a more peaceful ambiance. The secluded location is also suitable for relaxation and gets rid of fatigue. It also has a different atmosphere, as compared to the Sirah Kencong Waterfall in Kawi Mountain! Thus, all tourists can get a new experience and collect new photos of nature during the visit.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the environment is unspoiled so tourists won’t find trashes there. What they may see is only lush nature with its green trees and bushes. The height of the waterfall is around 11 meters and it features a beautiful natural pond as well. One thing that makes it different is the clear green color of the water. Not to mention the pond is safe for bathing and swimming. As for the water discharge, it is considered moderate. The next impressive feature is the tall cliff where the waterfall resides. It is worth a photo shoot, therefore.

Exploring Njumeg Waterfall
Tourists have a different preference when it comes to what they would do in Njumeg Waterfall. The most popular activity would be exploration. It takes some efforts to reach the location, after all. All the tiredness goes away once they arrive on the site. A tall and beautiful waterfall welcomes them with its astonishing natural pond, too. Thus, after enjoying the exploration, it is recommended to conduct photography as well.

What is more? For the information, the site comes with three water discharges and a natural pond each. Thus, tourists must explore them all during the visit. The next recommended thing to do would be taking a bath or swimming in the natural pond. The clear green color of the water is alluring enough, after all. The only consideration is related to the depth. It is said the depth of those ponds is up to 20 meters! That means everyone should be careful when getting in them, especially children.

One thing, no facilities are available there. So, tourists must carry extra clothes as they are likely to get wet. Another consideration is related to the foods. Everyone must carry some snacks and bottled water during the visit. Later, before going home, tourists should drop by at the famous Kedung Kidang natural pond too. The location is above the waterfall, though, so it takes an effort to reach it.

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How to Get There
Before reaching Njumeg Waterfall, tourists should get to Blitar City first. The trip would take differently depending on where tourists come from, actually. For instance, it would take around 3 hours and 30 minutes from Surabaya City (the capital of East Java Province). This trip can be done fast by taking Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. After arriving at Blitar, tourists only need to take Protokol or Sadewa Street and head to Njumeg Waterfall right away. The distance is 41 km, so this trip may take about 1 hour and 24 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Ilham Saiful Inn

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