Grebeg Pancasila

Grebeg Pancasila is a birthday ceremony of Five Principles (Pancasila) on 1 June, which design as cultural event. This ceremony differs from other ceremony. The Ritual of this ceremony contain of 3 (three) fundamental subjects that is:
1. Cultural Ceremony
2. Kirap Gunungan Limo (Five Mount Pageant)
3. Kenduri (Traditional Party)

This ceremony is always held once in a year at Blitar regency. It aimed to memorized the making process of Pancasila that become the base of Indonesia law. The ceremony followed by all of people in Blitar and commonly support by Indonesia government.

Kyai Pradah Gong (The Sacred Washing Ceremony)
Blitar The other Blitar traditional ceremony that annually held is the sacred washing ceremony of Kyai Pradah Gong. This traditional ceremony is followed by almost all of Blitar society. The sacred washing ceremony of Kyai Pradah Gong is a traditional ceremony, which has been inherited from one generation to the other generation in Blitar district society. Besides, it is meant to flourish the traditional culture. It is also meant to give blessing for those who bring or showered by the used water of the ‘gong’ (one of Javanese instruments).

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