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Located about 73 km from Malang, and 167 Km from Surabaya, Blitar is one of regencies in East Java that bring the glorious from the past. Blitar is hometown and the last reside of Soekarno, the Indonesian first President. Moreover, this area wa also part of Majapahit Kingdom.

Blitar is known as Patria city because of struggle in past that popularly known as PETA (Pembela Tanah Air) or the homeland defense, againts Japan colonialization. This struggle was lead under the command of Suprijadi, on February 14, 1945. Fortunaltely, this struggle became the inspiration emergence of resistance to independence in other areas.

Among numbers of production, Koi fish that popular in Japan, can be cultivated in this city and becomes one of signature production, as it named as Koi City.

Looking at the historical background that Blitar has, it makes some heritages for tourism destinationa today. Among those historical tourism, we have Bung Karno’s graveyard or Istana gebang, together with the great Library and Bung Karno’s museum inside the area. Arya contemplation site and Supriyadi Monument. Other tourism sites that we may have in Blitar are Kebonrojo Park, Sumber Udel waterpark and others. Do not forget about the culinary, for Blitar is also has signature dishes that worth to be tasted like Pecel, Wajik Kletik, Opak Gambir, Geti and many more

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