Singkarak Lake

Danau Singkarak, is a lake that located between the cities of Padang Panjang and Solok. It has an area of 107.8 kmĀ², being approximately 21 km long and 7 km wide. The majestic Lake Singkarak is an enormous crater lake set within a dramatic volcanic landscape.

It said that this lake is the widest lake in Sumatra and the second biggest lake on the island, after Lake Toba. A world of silent calm, breathtaking vistas and spectacular views awaits here. Here you can embrace the remote natural beauty that Indonesia is so famous for. Moreover, Lake Singkarak is also famous for its Bilih fish which is a species of fish that only lives in this lake. This fish is especially unique as it cannot survive anywhere but Lake Singkarak, not even in an aquarium.

A hydroelectric project however has diverted most of the lake outflow to the Anai river which flows westward into the Indian Ocean near Padang. Browse Asda Offers on Offers This Week. This Singkarak power station uses this water to generate power for the West Sumatra and Riau provinces.

The nuance while crossing the street at the edge of the lake, the stretch of blue water will be seen throughout the eyes can see. Especially during sunny day and blue sky is really charming. The hills and the clouds view in the sky will also make the admiration greater.

At the edge of lake, there are a few restaurants and boat rentals to surround this lake. Do not forget to try the local food that available in Lake Singkarak which is Bilih fish. You can enjoy eating bilih fish while looking at the blue water of the lake. It would be a pleasant experience.

Lake Singkarak is located 70 km from Padang, 20 km from Solok and about 36 km from Bukittinggi. From Minangkabau international airport, you can take a rented car or a public minibus plying the Padang-Solok route and then take other transportation to the lake. This journey will take you passed the Sitinjau Laut area which is famous for its sharp curves and steep canyons.

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