Gandoriah Beach

Gandoriah beach is located in Pariaman district, the City of Sala Lauak. Gandoriah beach is about 60 km from the city of Padang, this beach is typical of white sandy beach with breezy nuance and around the beach there are cluster of small islands. To reach Gandoriah beach is easy, you can simply ask the people you met in the area around Tabuik Market Pariaman. For visitors coming from the city of Padang, by using train will be more easily finding the location of this beach because of the location exactly located next to it.

Famous for its beauty makes the visitors who come to the Gandoriah beach getting linger to enjoy the beauty of the beach while enjoying snacks that sold by the stalls around the beach. There is one of local foods that sell around the beach, named Sala and other seafood like roasted fish, clams and fritters. Overall, visiting Gandoriah Pariaman is something you will never regret and will having for more.

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