Harau Valley

Harau valley is a canyon near the town of Payakumbuh, Limapuluh Koto regency, West Sumatra province. Harau valley flanked by steep rocky hills with height of 150 meters. Harau valley is also surrounded by steep colorful sandstone, with  height of 100 to 500 meters.

Harau Valley or  sometimes called the Arau valley is the place where lush green ricefields are hemmed in between huge granite cliffs. There are dozens of waterfalls tumble down from 80 to 300 meters height into the valley below, cutting by the Batang Arau River. No wonder, that the Harau Valley is sometimes known as the Yosemite of Indonesia. 

Gibbons and Macaques and variety of wildlife is still roam freely as this area in the Lima Puluh Kota district that has actually been designated a nature conservation, covering some 669 acres. This place is truly has beautiful landscape, peaceful serenity that only interrupted by the calls of the macaques and the chirping birds.

There is waterfall named the Bunta Waterfall or locally called Sarasah Bunta that pours down fresh water from the highlands with three other waterfalls nearby. It was first visited in 1926 by a Dutch mayor. A carved stone indicating the year when the mayor visited the waterfall is still there expressing the beauty of this valley. Other waterfalls are called the Akar Barayun, Sarasah Luluh, and Sarasah Murai.

The most direct way to reach Harau from Bukittinggi is by renting a motorbike or taking an ojek for two hours.  Alternatively, take a Po Sarah Group minibus from the bus terminal to Tanjung Pati and then take an ojek the rest of the way.

Walking towards the Harau valley is very pleasant, with fresh air and genuine sightseeing of surroundings. The granite cliffs towering with a unique shape surrounding the valley will also pampering your sight. Those steep granite cliffs have height for about 80 m to 300 m. From the start we entering Harau Valley, we will find a lot of spectacular beauty along the way.

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