Ngarai Sianok

Lay on the outskirts of the hill town of Bukittinggi in the Minangkabau highlands, lies this breathtaking canyon which the locals call Ngarai Sianok, or the Sianok Canyon. Sianok canyon is a steep valley (cliff) that located in the border town of Bukittinggi, the Koto IV district, Agam regency, West Sumatra. Sianok canyon has beautiful views and also becomes one of the potential attractions in province.

Ngarai Sianok has two steep walls facing each other and almost vertically, falling to a flat bottom where a river meanders among green ricefields. Its height is about 100 to 120 meters and the canyon itself is for about 15 km long. This cliff is separates the towns of Bukittinggi and Kota Gadang on its opposite side.

The beauty of Sianok canyon can be seen from Panorama Park in Bukittinggi or by walking down into the cliff, where are a settlement and paddy fields. To enjoy the scenery from the Park, visitors have to pay an entrance fee for Rp 3.000 per person. Along with admiring the beauty of Sianok, visitors can also visit a Japanese bunker, which was built during World War II, and it located at the base of the canyon.

Ngarai Sianok is arguably the most beautiful scenery among West Sumatra’s many scenic sites, to be enjoyed particularly at sunrise or sunset.

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