Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve

Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve is a nature and wild life reserve that contains various monkey species and black panthers. Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve lies 100 km from Bukittinggi and comprises an area of 3,000 ha. The area is dominated by swamp forest with smaller parts consisting of tropical rainforest and secondary forest. Several monkey species, the Malayan sun bear, Sumatran tigers, Giant flying squirrels and many birds and butterflies live inside the reserve.

On the road to Rimbo Panti we can pass the Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve. This little reserve (3 ha) has been established for the preservation of the Rafflesia, which usually flowers in September or October.

To reach Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve can be done by taking bus from Bukittinggi. Take a bus to Prapat. If you leave the public bus in Batang Palupuh you have to wait for at least 2 hours before the next bus will arrive. It's easier and more convenient to get on a tourist bus to Prapat. The tourist bus stops in Batang Palupuh for a short visit to the Rafflesia Reserve and later continues to Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve and Prapat.

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