Palipis Beach

Visiting Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi is not complete if you have not visit Palippis Beach. The beach is located on the side of the public road that connects several cities in West Sulawesi province. This beach that located approximately 20 kilometers from Polewali has an attractive natural panorama and always been visited from those who seek for sunlight and good waves.

Palippis coast presents a beautiful panorama of the beach with sea view. The beach is located on the west side of Sulawesi Island and directly facing to the sea which separates Sulawesi to Kalimantan and Java Island. This ocean stretch offers indefinitely views by the waves that roared and refresing air; very capable to releas stress durisng the working days.

In addition to the beautiful beach and sea views, Palippis is also supported by genuine scenery around it, like a bat cave and the expanse of the cliff. The bat cave is located on the hill that runs near to the beach. Meanwhile, the stretch of cliff extends not so far from the mouth of the cave bat.

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