North Mamuju Regency

North Mamuju regency with its capital Pasangkayu is the youngest regency and located in West Sulawesi upstate, North Mamuju regency is the result of spin-offs from Mamuju regency. While from Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi with the distance about 130 Km, it through about 3 hours. The wide of North Mamuju regency region is 3043,75 Km2.


North Mamuju regency lay between 3o 39 to 4o 16 South Latitude and 119o 53 to 120o 27 East Longitudes with regional boundaries:
North side: Donggala regency and Sulawesi Province
South side: Mamuju regency
East side: North Luwu regency
West side: Makassar Strait

North Mamuju regency is the alliance of Pasangkayu district with Sarudu district, Baras, and previous Bambalamotu become the Mamuju regency part before bloomed in 2001. Distance that is relative has near by that pass the time going through 8-9 hours. The condition of the road is about 30 % is result much time castaway. Most of of the road surface consisted of gravel mixed soil.

In economics aspect, Matra has depended on the agriculture sector. The contribution agriculture to domestic product regional gross (PDRB) North Mamuju in 2002 is noted of Rp 238,67 billions. This is the equivalent value with 78,32 % economic activity total Rp 304,72 billions. In sector agriculture, plantations become main driving wheel. Economic activity in plantation area yield not less than 195,62 billions.

Breeding Sector

The development of breeding sub sector is pointed to increase population and livestock production to fulfill the consumption of nourishment public would, side that also applied to increase breeder earnings. It is between population of livestock growing in North Mamuju regency is ox livestock, buffalo, goat and sheep. While for poultry type is race chicken, local chicken and duck.

Plantation Sector

Plantation crop production in North Mamuju regency hardly potential with the oil coconut commodity with broadly area about 15000 ha. Beside that it is also has cacao plantation area about 16000 hectares, while the clove about 145 hectares and coconut in broadly about 4100 hectares.

From the data in 2002 absorbent labors at this plantation at least 4200 farmers, out of 4158 productive trees is yielded of 4794 coconut tons. Its marketing area is Surabaya. Coconut is sent to East Java province through public port in Sarudu. Besides suited for plantation crop, Abbreviation dimension from Northy Mamuju is hardly suited for sweet orange cultivated. This crop grows either in Pasangkayu, Sarudu and Baras district. It wide area is 1.026.250 Ha and there is around one million trees yielding 94942 orange tons. Its marketing area is Surabaya, Samarinda and Manado being ship through Belang-belang Port in Mamuju regency.

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