Mamuju Regency

Mamuju is the capital city of West Sulawesi Province and also the regency of the same area. This city is located in the middle of chocolate-covered hills, curvaceous hills along 500 km after Barru regency in South Sulawesi.

The city is located between Palu (Central Sulawesi) and Makassar (South Sulawesi). This capital become the economic or even cultural bridge between Palu and Makassar. Mamuju also such portraits of the two areas, because the dominant ethnic population Mandar are live in this city, with some small sub-ethnic, such as Bugis, Toraja, Makassar, and Java.

Like many places in West Sulawesi, Mamuju is a predominantly Muslim city, with many mosques throughout. However, Christianity has established a presence with several churches in this town. Buddhism is an extremely small contingent of the peoples faith and Hinduism is realistically a blend of adat and Islam.

Agriculture in this area includes nangka (jackfruit), rambutan, durian, rice and bananas. Meanwhile, forest is one of the characteristics of Mamuju. Forests in Mamuju have function as water catchment areas and tourist attractions.

How to get there
If you plan to fly to Mamuju from other parts of the country, then you must first make your way to Makassar. This is because the only direct flight to Mamuju’s Ahmad Kirang Airport in Tampa Padang, Mamuju Regency is served by Wings Air which flies daily from Makassar to Mamuju. Other airlines may offer flights to Mamuju from other cities but through connecting flights. From the airport, downtown Mamuju is approximately 30Km away and can be reached by rented or chartered car or public mini buses.

If you wish to try the overland course, the trip from Makassar to Mamuju will take about 8 to 10 hours. Although it is a long drive, you will be presented with some of the most magnificent views of shorelines and mountain ranges through the regencies of Polewali Mandar, and Majene. If you wish to take public transportation, you can take the Makassar-Mamuju buses from Makassar Bus Terminal with costs ranging from IDR100.000 to IDR125.000 and the trip will take 10 to 12 hours.

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