North Kalimantan Province

North Kalimantan is a new province in Indonesia which is in the northern part of Kalimantan Island. North Kalimantan province is a province that borders directly with our neighboring countries, are the State of Sabah and Sarawak, East Malaysia.

At this time, North Kalimantan is included in the youngest province of Indonesia, the province officially authorized into a new province in the House of Representatives plenary session on October 25, 2012 under Law No. 20 of 2012.

In the decision of Ministry of the Interior North Kalimantan set to 11 new autonomous region consisting of one province and 10 regencies, including North Kalimantan on April 22, 2013. Together with the establishment of the decision, Coordinating Minister Fauzi also appoints regional head of each regency there, including the Governor of North Kalimantan is Irianto Lambrie.

Governance infrastructure in North Kalimantan is still in the process of preparation that is scheduled to take place at the latest within one year. At the time of establishment, the territory of North Kalimantan is divided into five administrative regions, which consists of 1 cities and 4 regencies as follows:
1.   Tarakan City
2.   Bulungan Regency
3.   Malinau Regency
4.   Nunukan Regency
5.   Tana Tidung Regency

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