Batu Lamampu Beach

Another one of the mainstay tourist attraction in Nunukan, North Kalimantan is Batu Lamampu Beach. Its location in Sebatik Island, Sebatik District, which is the most eastern districts of Nunukan. Sebatik Island be separated into two, north entrance region of Sabah, Malaysia, while the west entrance region of Nunukan, Indonesia.

To visit Batu Lamampu Beach, the visitors must cross the ocean prior to Mantikasa port, West Sebatik District. The visitors can use a public or private boat. Then, using a car to Batu Lamampu Beach in Sebatik. If from Nunukan, it can be reached by boat Bambangan Village, or boating through Tunon Taka port. We only need to pay 10,000 IDR to get to Nyamuk River. Mosquitoes River or Nyamuk River is the village which is the economic center activities of Sebatik community.

Batu Lamampu Beach panorama facing Ambalat block, with a charming coastline 3 kilometers long. The name of Batu Lamampu Beach derives from Tidung tribe which means stone arise tiered towards the sea. Uniquely, there is a row of rocks on Batu Lamampu Beach are floating. The rocks lined up on the beach to the open sea. The position unmoved, never changed despite the float. Besides the float stone, Batu Lamampu Beach also has another uniqueness, the rock breakwater that juts out to the sea. It surrounded by plants and small stones that seemed laid out, but all is a natural process that happens by itself.

In the end, the part that leads to the land, there on the rock hill. On the peak of hill, there is a huge rock that looks apart from the surrounding rock. The stone has a diameter about 1 meter. Said by local community, the stone was used to small. Growing bigger and bigger until as now. Once someone was about to drop the stone, but he did not succeed, even died three days later. Beyond the myths, Batu Lamampu Beach is attractive beaches with sand, the calm waves as well as background waving palm trees.Various activities can be find by travelled in Batu Lamampu Beach. Ranging from burning fish, just took the scenic white sand, and there is also a swimming.

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