Sesayap River Protected Forest

One more sights of North Kalimantan when you should be there. There are tourist destination in the center of Tana Tidung City. Tana Tidung Nature Tourism be enjoyed by sailing on the Sesayap River using boats supplied by residents there. The natural beauty of the scenery and lush trees that grow fast to be enjoyed along the river when we sail. Sesayap River Protected Forest is a place to shelter various types of protected animals such as monkeys, several species of birds and other protected animals.

In Sesayap River Protected Forest has many protected animals. Some animals take refuge in Perengat trees. Perengat tree is a tree that has fruit that can be used for the acid. Natural scenery is another very interesting and amazing is when the fishermen were catching a wide variety of fish and shrimp catch along the Sesayap. You can know that Sesayap River is famous as one of the shrimp producing areas.

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