White Mountain

White Mountain or well known as Gunung Putih (Mount Putih) from Bulungan which is one of the famous tourist attraction in Bulungan Regency. This place is a lime mountain which is an important icon for Tanjung Palas which is formerly as the capital one of the most powerful empire in North Kalimantan.

Anyone who visited Bulungan, especially over the course of the river, if from a distance see Mount Putih that it means they are close to the Tanjung Selor gateway once entering the Bulungan cultural center in Tanjung Palas. Recently Mount Putih is one of the places most visited by tourists both from within or outside Bulungan city. The beauty of Mount Putih is very natural, we were treated to the beauty of the scenery soothing the eye, there is a small river side of the mountain, then rocks the size is quite large and pleasant green scenery.

To get to the mountain peak of Mount Putih, we can get through the bumps stairs fairly long, suitable for hiking lovers, besides if it had reached the terrace of mountain, visitors can enjoy the view while lounging on mound rocks is large enough, this place could also use as a natural place for adrenalin challenge for rock climbers.

There are two main points in Mount Putih that usual visited by the hiker, which is the peak of the highest mountain, from up there we could see the expanse of residents housing, usually nature lovers will not pass through the beautiful moments.

Another point which is also worth visiting is the underground cavern located behind the slopes of mountain, to get there may be about 10 to 15 minutes from the terrace of the mountain, the road around the mountain provide beautiful scenery for visitors, because from the side of mountain is untouched by human, so that adds to the beauty of scenery below. The streets were already good increasingly pamper visitors to enjoy the beauty of the natural slope of mountain.

Generally the visitors usually stop in front of the cave, rarely coming to the inside, a recently years Bulungan tourism government and the developers are trying to do explore further entering the cave, although so far still not sufficiently open to the public because it is still repair more.

There are at least 42 points of spotlights placed the developers to facilitate and guide visitors in the cave, there is a staircase wide enough in the cave, we can still go down deeper if interested. From the distance we hear the voice of the swallow, because they indeed this area is a natural nests for the birds, so far the developers and visitors no one has tried further to map labyrinths in the cave, there are still many unsolved mysteries and many more adventures are still waiting to be explored..

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