Bunyu Island

Bunyu Island is a district in Bulungan, Province of North Kalimantan, Indonesia. This district is capitalized in Bunyu have 3 villages among others Bunyu Barat, Bunyu Timur, and Bunyu Selatan Village, with an area of 198.32 square kilometers with a total population of 9810 inhabitants Density 49.47 inhabitants/km² and approximately 60 km from the capital district to Tanjung Selor. To reach this district, can also be through from Tarakan Island approximately an hour trip by speedboat that have been scheduled.

Generally, the review geographically Bunyu island consists of flat areas and the rest plateau with a moderate slope. People in Bunyu quite diverse, with the largest part of immigrants who came from Java and Sulawesi. While the original tribe is Tidung tribe society, with a composition of 26.85% Javanese, Bugis 25.11%, 11.29% Tidung, Banjar 9.97% and 26.78% of other tribes.

Based on the religious affiliations of the people was also diverse, including: Moslems 87.67%, Protestant or Catholic 12.13%, Hindu 0.03% and 0.17% Buddhist. With such diversity, it is the culture and customs were also religious. Each tribe that is typically displays each culture, such as Javanese, Bugis, Banjar, Tidung and others. Most people working as employees at PT. Pertamina EP Bunyu and PT. Adani Global, civil servants, farmers' gardens and majority as a fisherman.

Typical commodity is Salak, where the fruit if want to get it, please visit Gunung Daeng (Mount Daeng) despite its name Mount Daeng but is not in a mountain area. Majority society of Mount Daeng is a society that comes from Sulawesi, more specifically, is derived from Enrekang. There are also fish (wet and dry) base area close to the old market.

Agricultural products commodity, especially vegetables, we can visit the area named "Vegetable Garden" located in Jalan Manunggal IX majority of vegetable farmers is the Toraja. There is also a unique fruit that is, the Kapul fruit, Terap fruit, Keledang fruit and Elay fruit usually people call it the yellow durian.

Bunyu Island Tourism is potentially as Nibung Beach, Sungai Kura Beach, Golf Course, Oil and Gas Production, Swimming Pool. If you want to visit Bunyu Island so the transport option that is used by a speed boat with a distance of about 60 minutes.

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