Tanah Kuning Beach

Tanah Kuning Beach (yellow soil beach) is a white sand beach stretches with its natural charm so beautiful. Tanah Kuning beach is clean water and blend with the color blue as the sky. A light breeze among the various trees that grow on the beach add to the beauty of the panorama Tanah Kuning beach.

Tanah Kuning beach is located in Tanah Kuning, North Kalimantan province. To get to this beach, you could pass over land or sea from Tanjung Selor city center. The trip takes only about two hours, you can see the beautiful scenery around Tanah Kuning beach. Tanah Kuning name is taken from the name of the village where the beautiful beach are located.

Clean white sand will look beautiful when exposed to sunlight. Even the wet sand washed away will look like a pearl luster stretched to make anyone fascinated.Tanah Kuning beach is a nautical tourism which is located adjacent to Karang Tigau beach. The visitors who come to the Tanah Kuning beach will be used at once to visit the Karang Tigau beach. Enjoy nature at Tanah Kuning beach very fun and memorable. Beside to enjoying all the beauty on offer, every visitor will get a friendly welcome from the locals. Like getting a tour guide, every visitor can explore a variety of information related to the beach or anything else you want to know.

Although the condition of the road to Tanah Kuning beach is still a bit difficult to reach, but the difficulty of travel and the struggle to get to the location will be paid off. A breezy with a beautiful beach atmosphere will be treating all visitors feel fatigue. Let’s go to visit Tanah Kuning beach!

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