Visiting Sleman Regency in Yogyakarta Special Region Province

When it comes to the most crowded regency in Yogyakarta Special Region Province, many tourists would choose Sleman. It becomes the home of several famous universities and luxurious hotels, after all. Plus, visitors can enjoy various types of tourist allures in that area. What is more? More people are into natural attractions and some local fruits. That means they would explore all parts of the regency and buy some souvenirs before going home. Overall, Sleman offers all tourists’ necessities. Not to mention everyone can find a local guide service easily.

The Nuance
Once tourists arrive at Sleman Regency, they can feel the merry nuance right away, especially when visiting the downtown. Many hotels and beautiful natural attractions reside in that region after all. Tourists would be attracted to the topography too, for sure. The north part is bordering with the famous Merapi Volcano. In the south, tourists may find fertile and sloping lands, instead. Several majestic rivers are located there including Tapus, Opak, Kuning, and Code River. What is more? It is related to the local people. Villagers or those who live in Sleman are into culture and they are quite friendly to tourists or outsiders.

Exploring Sleman Regency
The first thing that tourists must do when visiting Sleman Regency is to enjoy agro-tourism. The best destination is Turi Sub-District where many Salak Pondoh plantations reside. The good thing is visitors are allowed to explore the farms and pick some fruits and eat them directly! The price is definitely cheaper than those in the regular market! Both the taste and texture is unique, so everyone must not miss the chance to try this fruit during the visit.

An exploration or adventure becomes the next reason why tourists visit Sleman Regency. They only need to visit the north part of the region where beautiful hills and highlands reside. During the exploration, they have the chance to see locals birds like Punglor! After conduct an adventure, tourists must rest for a while and buy some local foods including Gudeg, Jadah Tempe, Sate Kelinci, Ayam Goreng Kremes, Pepes Belut, and much more! All of them have a unique taste and distinct texture!

What is more? For those visiting Sleman Regency, they must not forget to drop by in some famous vacation spots like Prambanan Temple, Kaliurang, Affandi Museum, Gebang Temple, and many others. In this case, tourists should consider hiring a local guide who knows the route well. This person can also give thorough information and history regarding those tourist sites!

Nearby Attractions

  • Gunung Merapi Museum
  • Yogya Kembali Monumen
  • Dapur Tradisional Museum
  • Affandi Museum

How to Get There
Sleman Regency is considered more popular than other regions in Yogyakarta City. No wonder, the accessibility is excellent. For those coming from Jakarta City, in this case, they should take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Adisucipto Airport. This flight may take about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once tourists arrive at the destination, they can reach Sleman Regency right away. The distance is 10.7 km, so the trip takes about 18 minutes. As for the best route, tourists should take either Padjajaran or Ringroad Utara Street.

Where to Stay

  • Mell’s Home
  • Dom Hotel
  • Arilla Elcat Hotel
  • Alamo Homestay

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