Sikuai Island in Padang City, West Sumatra Province

When it is about Padang tourism, people are likely to talk about Masakan Padang or culinary. However, the region has other allures including the presence of beautiful small islands. One of them is called Sikuai Island. This one is close so Pasumpahan, Ular, and Sirandah Island. No wonder, lots of tourists would enjoy island hopping there. These days, the island is under private management, so it features new sophisticated facilities including resorts, villas, cottages, and many more! As for tourist activities, visitors usually enjoy relaxation, water sports, and honeymoon there.

The Nuance
According to the locals, Sikuai Island has a total area of 44 hectares and it belongs to Teluk Kabung Sub-District. The prime feature of the island is none other than the stunning white sandy beach. The next best feature is the underwater beauty. While diving or snorkeling, tourists would see exotic tropical corals and fishes, for sure. What is next? Some good resorts are available there, featuring pools, gazebos, coconut trees, gardens, and other astonishing ornaments. The island also has multiple piers that accommodate both fisherman boats and speedboats.

Exploring Sikuai Island
Those who never visit Sikuai Island may wonder what they can do there. Well, it can be as simple as relaxation. They only need to sit by the shore while watching the sea scenery. The nuance is both warm and comfy, so it helps everyone to relax and get rid of stresses. As an alternative, visitors should enjoy trekking! It is because the island has a challenging hill landscape in a certain part of it, which is suitable for an adventure.

Next, Sikuai Island is known for its beautiful sea. Thus, visitors should enjoy water sports during the visit. For a casual one, it would be fishing! Tourists can choose the best spot for fishing, either at the pier or close to coral reefs. Aside from fishing, swimming is recommended. The waves are considered calm, so the sea is safe for swimming. For more challenging activities, tourists can enjoy snorkeling and diving instead. In this case, they must get the gear first before getting in the water.

Watching the sunset becomes the next recommended activity in Sikuai Island. Tourists only need to climb the hill and watch the sun view from up there. Have no worries. The hill features sturdy stairs to reach the summit. For those who want to spend the night in Sikuai, they must rent a room at New Sikuai Island Resort. Later, in the morning, they can enjoy island hopping by visiting nearby islands like Ular, Pasumpahan, and Pisang.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pasumpahan Island
  • Batu Karang Beach
  • Sirandah
  • Ular Island
  • Pisang Island

How to Get There
The prime destination is indeed Padang City and the best transportation to take is an airplane. From Jakarta City, for example, tourists only need to reach Soekarno – Hatta International Airport in order to get the service. A flight to Minangkabau may take around 1 hour and 40 minutes, actually. Once arriving at Padang, they should take Padang Bengkulu Street and head to Teluk Kabung Port for boat service. The distance is 33 km, so the trip may take about 50 minutes. From the port, they can ride a boat and head to Sikuai Island right away. Usually, this voyage may take around 1 hour.

Where to Stay

  • New Sikuai Island Resort
  • Batu Peti Resort
  • Jophira Tintin

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