Visiting Padang City in West Sumatra Province

Being the capital of West Sumatra Province indeed makes Padang City popular among tourists. It is considered the biggest city, located in the west part of Sumatra Island, after all. Not to mention it is bordering with the Indian Ocean. Due to various types of landscapes, the region indeed has lots of alluring natural attractions including beaches and highlands. In terms of tourism, the region is also known for its traditional foods, history, and culture! For first-timers, therefore, it is recommended to hire a local guide who can show recommended vacation areas and detailed information regarding the region.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Padang City looks both modern and traditional, depending on where tourists conduct. The region is bordering with both sea and hills, as well. Here is the fact. Almost a half of the total area is covered with forest and highlands. No wonder, tourists can enjoy trekking and other fun activities like relaxation and sightseeing in hilly areas. Plus, the region has several rivers, which also become great destinations to spend a vacation. As for the citizen, most of them belong to Minangkabau Tribe.

Exploring Padang City
Perhaps tourists recognize Padang City through the local legends like Malin Kundang and Siti Nurbaya. Visitors can learn the story from the locals later, during the visit. For those who are into history, in this case, they must visit the Adityawarman Museum. After that, it is recommended to visit some historical sites and learn the history of Padang. In the past, the region became one of the most strategic harbors to transfer commodities. No wonder, VOC wanted to monopolize this area back then.

As for natural attractions, tourists must not miss the chance to visit famous beaches like Bungus, Air Manis, Caroline, etc. They only near to reach Teluk Bayur area to find these beautiful beaches. Even many resorts and hotels are available near those beaches. What is more? For those who are into culture, they should watch several interesting rituals and ceremonies like Turun Mandi, Balimau, Batagak Pangulu, Tabuik, and many more! Once again, it is recommended to come with a local guide who knows the schedule and information well about these events.

The next allure in Padang City is none other than the culinary. The locals call it Masakan Padang. Many delicious and spicy menus are available, including terung balado, ayam pop. Rendang, gulai, and much more! Due to the popularity, in fact, these foods have been sold and served in almost all provinces! Nothing can beat the experience of eating the foods directly in Padang City, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Nobita Hill
  • Rindang Alam
  • Padang Purus Beach
  • Air Manis Beach
  • Ambun Suri Waterfall

How to Get There
For outsiders, the most recommended way to reach Padang City is by airplane. Here is an example. A flight from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport at Jakarta City to Padang may spend about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Once arriving at Minangkabau Airport, tourists can rent a hotel room first before exploring the city. Hiring a local guide is quite recommended! Thus, tourists can explore Padang City in a more efficient manner.

Where to Stay

  • Airy Pauh Hotel
  • Airy Eco Hotel
  • Abe Tree House
  • Grand Sari Hotel

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