Wedi Ireng Beach

Wedi Ireng is one of beautiful beaches in Sumberagung village, Pesanggaran Sub-District. The distance is only about 3 Km from pulau Merah or Red Island, or about 65 kilometers to the south of Banyuwangi city. This is typical of virgin beach, for not many visitors can reach this location. It still genuine and pure.

Compared with the Red Island beach, Wedi Ireng is less popular even it located within a single lane. It is because of the location that difficult to reach. Nevertheless, the beauty of this beach is just the same as Teluk Hijau or Green Bay or other beaches in Banyuwangi.

Wedi beach Ireng has a longer coastline. The beach is still very beautiful and it has natural bluish and sparkling seawater. This beach is composed by white and black sand that mix up to be one particular design.

Another uniqueness of this beach is can be seen by the elements of white fine sand, brown coarse sand and rock lining over the beach. The visitors who come to this beach can enjoy the swimming or fishing, or just witnessing the grace of sun that set at evening.

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