Muncar Beach

As one of the areas that has many natural attractions, Banyuwangi is always becomes one of the recommendations for tourists that want to go to Java Island. One of the places that can be visited when in Banyuwangi is Muncar Beach that located in the southern area ofBanyuwangi. This beautiful beach is located in Muncar, about 35 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi.

In Muncar, there is port that used by the fishermen to put their boats in their daily fishing. Muncar is the second largest port after Bagan Siapi-api in East Java. There are hundreds of boats in the harbor with a variety of sizes and color patterns are varied so as to add exotica and beauty Muncar port.

Once a year, there is a traditional ceremony called Petik Laut that celebrates at the beach. This is a sacred ritual to give offering to th god and becomes the thanksgiving moment from the society for the abundant harvest. In this ritual, there will bea boat that filled with offerings like, goat head, traditional cakes, fruits, golden rod, opium and two live chickens; all of those are floated out to the sea. After putting the ritual, people will return to the beach and having mass bathe, in the hope that the Hyng Iwak, Goddess of the Sea, will giving a bless to them.

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